Heroes: Book 2

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by Geraldine McCaughrean

The fourth of Geraldine McCaughrean’s great quartet of novels based on the hero stories of ancient Greece chronicles the adventures of the young man who must face the gorgon, Medusa.

With the renewed interest in Greek mythology, this is a must have recording for schools, libraries, and anyone who wants to know the full story of one of the greatest heroes of the era.

Author Geraldine McCaughrean More in the Hero Series
Narrator Cynthia Bishop Hercules
Length 3 hrs and 30 mins Odysseus
© Copyright 2003 Geraldine McCaughrean Theseus
℗ Audio Copyright 2011 Full Cast Audio

Listen to samples from this audiobook:

  1. Perseus 1:04


“The popularity of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series has created strong interest in the Greek myths, and McCaughrean’s retelling of the story of Perseus is full of the adventure and details that eager learners crave. Cynthia Bishop’s even narration anchors the many twists and turns of Perseus’s life . . . the actors who portray Perseus, Dana (his mother), and Andromeda (his wife) enliven the action with their expressive readings, and the actors who portray the oracle, Medusa, and King Polydectes are convincing in their menace. The resulting performance makes the mythical both real and memorable. ”
— AudioFile November, 2011

Praise for the print version of Perseus:

“Like McCaughrean’s Odysseus (2004), this retelling of a Greek myth in the Heroes series makes a thrilling read-aloud. … It’s the rhythmic storytelling of the gruesome and the heroic that will grab kids, whether the focus is on the three monsters sharing one soft, gray, slippery eye, or the brave hero on his quest to find himself.”

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