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Wolf Speaker

by Tamora Pierce

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

Responding to a call for help from the wolves of Long Lake Pack, Daine and her mentor, Numair, travel to Dunlath Valley, where they discover an ecological catastrophe in the making. When they try to intervene on the wolves’ behalf, they encounter only derision from the Dunlath court.

Working on their own to uncover the reasons for destruction, Daine and Numair soon uncover a web of plots that threaten the kingdom itself. Numair must return to court to warn the king—leaving Daine, the wolves, and her expanding group of animal allies to hold off disaster until his return. But even Daine’s growing Wild Magic may not be enough to protect her from the dangers of Dunlath Valley.

Brimming with adventure, centered on a daring young woman who will stop at nothing to protect her animal friends, Wolf Speaker represents Tamora Pierce at the top of her form.

Wolf Speaker

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Approximate Running Time:  7¾ hours

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Daine, Kitten, and the pups face an immortal. (2:56, about 4.0)
Sample 2The pack consoles Daine when she is displeased with her fellow humans. (2:04, about 2.4)

"Full Cast Audio does a commendable job with this huge cast, which includes animals, humans, and immortals. The range of voices is as broad as the characters, with the main narrator continually adopting a style that matches the pace of the action. In addition to Daine, the most fascinating character is Kitten, a baby dragon. Young listeners will be enchanted."
    — AudioFile    Read entire review…

Meet the Cast:

Holly AdamsAlanna
David BakerBadger
Daniel BostickNumair
Janine BostickWisewing
Bruce CovilleBlueness
Peter DayFlicker
Robin DunnTait
Moe HarringtonCloud
Trevor HillOzorne
Todd HobinTkaa
Mark HoltBrokefang
Andrea LeonardFrostfur
Craig MacDonaldParlan
Mimi MeadQuickmunch
Emily MeidenbauerScrap
Ronald SweetTristan
Lauren SyngerIakoju
Carmen Viviano-CraftsDaine
Rebecca WemesfelderMaura
Karis WigginsYolane
David WitanowskiRikash
Directed by:David Baker
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