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This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

by Robert A. Heinlein

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

Jim Marlowe’s Martian pet, Willis, seems like nothing more than an adorable ball of fur with an astonishing ability to mimic the human voice. But when Jim takes the creature to academy and runs afoul of a militantly rigid headmaster, his devotion to his pet launches the young man on a death-defying trek across Mars.

Accompanied by his buddy, Frank, Jim must battle the dangers of a hostile planet. But it is not only the boys’ lives that are at stake: They have discovered explosive information about a threat to the survival of the entire colony—information that may mean life or death for their families.

An irresistible mix of thrilling adventure, crackling dialogue, and brilliant speculation, deftly seasoned with politics, philosophy, and a touch of the mystic, Red Planet is classic Heinlein.

Note: This recording uses the author’s preferred text, restoring many cuts made by the original editor.

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This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  Library Edition     08013CDB     978-1-934180-26-6     n/a     Six CDs  
  Retail     08013RTL     978-1-934180-51-8     n/a     Six CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  7 hours

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Willis wakes Jim up. (2:06, about 2.9)

"Unlike some previous Heinlein novels produced by Full Cast Audio, Red Planet is not told in first person by the main character. Instead the voice talent of William Dufris is employed to narrate. I’m a big fan of Dufris’ narrative abilities, and he does a terrific job with Red Planet. Jacob Coppola as Jim Marlowe, and Christopher Reiling as Frank Frank Sutton are both vigorous and youthful but also distinct enough to tell apart. The rest of the cast supports the story with an assortment of villainous, larcenous good humor,"
SFF Audio Essentials
    — SFF Audio
"The actors for Jim and Pete have bright, energetic voices and move things right along. The rest of the cast fills things in nicely, voicing crotchety doctors, noble parents, duplicitous bureaucrats, impatient men of action, and mysterious Martians. . . . an excellent choice for a family car trip."
    — Audiofile
" Heinlein’s 1949 novel of a space frontier culture is brought to life with Full Cast Audio’s signature quality of talented voices and an evocative musical score. . . . The masterful William Dufris, director and main narrator, pulls listeners into the stories with his deep, smooth voice."
    — Publisher's Weekly March, 2009

Meet the Cast:

Dan BernardRawlings
Peter BrownKonski
Jacob CoppolaJim Marlowe
Kymberly DakinMrs. Marlowe
Lindsay DuffyPhyllis
William DufrisNarrator
Will GattisHartley
JP GuimontPat Sutton
James HerreraLinden
Mark HonanGeneral Beech
David LaGraffeMr. Marlowe
Christine MarshallMrs. Palmer
Michael MatthysGekko
Erik MoodyKruger
Christopher PriceDr. McRae
Michael RafkinHeadmaster Howe
Christopher ReilingFrank
Jamie SchwartzKelly
Directed by:William Dufris
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