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Emperor Mage

by Tamora Pierce

Daine is a simple mountain girl, and despite her powerful wild magic, she is not comfortable with the pomp and glitter of a great court. But when Emperor Ozorne asks that she accompany Tortallís diplomatic mission to Carthak so she can tend his ailing birds, itís a request that cannot be refused.

Though Daine has the wizard Numair and the lady knight Alanna to help her, she soon finds herself trapped in a web of magic and intrigue stranger and more bewildering than any she has yet faced. For the emperor has overstepped his bounds, the gods are angry, and the Graveyard Hag herself has chosen Daine as her tool to change the situation.

Saddled with a strange new power, Daine is already jittery and angry. Then a final, dreadful event pushes her over the edge, and she erupts in a ferocious display of rage and magic.

Emperor Mage

Product Details:
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  Retail     08014RTL     n/a     n/a     Eight CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  7ĺ hours

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Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Opening - Guests in Carthak (2:02, about 2.8)
Sample 2Daine proposes a plan to the rats and begins to awaken her skeleton army. (2:03, about 2.9)

"[The actors] all do a wonderful job, especially Carmen Viviano-Crafts, who voices Daine, and Mike Komurek as Daine's new friend, Zek the Marmoset. All the drama, humor, anger, and romance come across clearly."
    — School Library Journal January, 2010
"A full cast brings the faraway land of Carthak to vivid life, complete with castle, aviary, menagerie, and dusty temples. Carmen Viviano-Crafts, who also voiced Daine in WILD MAGIC and WOLF SPEAKER, has the perfect voice for the determined teenage girl. A cast of more than 30 and dramatic music give the feel of a blockbuster to the production."
    — AudioFile October 22, 2009

Meet the Cast:

Holly AdamsAlanna
Mark AustinGareth (Younger)
David BakerBadger
Daniel BostickTano
Mark BruzeeLindhall
Joseph CorralloThree court
Cara CovilleRat chief
Dani GottusoVarice
Sam HerwoodThree court
Trevor HillOzorne
Mike KomurekZek
Michael LarkinWeiryn
Andrea LeonardQueen Thayat
Tim LiebeHebakh
Craig McDonaldLord Martin
Peter MollerGareth (Elder)
Alice MorigiGraveyard Hag
Gerard MosesCaptain
Conor NolanKaddar
Kelly ParksParrot Finch
Tamora PierceNarrator
Rick PowellCrocodile 1
Jason ReedHerald
Alec RichardsonThree court
Casey RyanIry
Ronald SweetHarailt
Lauren SyngerSarra
Patti ThompsonBarzha
Carmen Viviano-CraftsDaine
Karis WigginsTeeu
David WitanowskiRikash
Directed by:Bruce Coville
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