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The Patron Saint of Butterflies

by Cecilia Galante

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

Best friends Agnes and Honey live at Mount Blessing, a religious commune. Agnes lives with her parents, and her little brother Benny. Honey, abandoned at birth, stays with Winky, the groundskeeper.

The commune, headed by the charismatic Emmanuel, is orderly, well run. But its hiding a dark secret, a secret discovered by Agnes's grandmother, Nana Pete, on her annual visit.

When a medical emergency forces Nana Pete into action the girls begin a painful journey of discovery that threatens to break their bond forever.

Inspired by the author's own experiences, this is a powerful novel of faith and betrayal, loss and redemption.

The Patron Saint of Butterflies

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  Library Edition     n/a     978-1-934180-64-8     n/a     Eight CDs  

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"The story of what happens when a terrible accident threatens to destroy a community is told from two girls' perspectives in alternating chapters, with Lydia Rose Shahan narrating for Agnes and Julie Swenson for Honey. . . . Shahan's and Swenson's well-matched voices smooth the transitions but are different enough that listeners can easily distinguish between Honey and Agnes."
    — AudioFile Sept. 2011    Read entire review…
Praise for the print version of The Patron Saint of Butterflies:
"In an exceptional and powerful story of family, friendship, and devotion, Galante draws from her own history of living in a religious commune. . . This grim tale of realistic fiction will have teens enthralled, unable to put the book down until the final page."
5Q, 4P
    — VOYA June, 2008

Meet the Cast:

Directed by:Daniel Bostick
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