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Selected editorial reviews for all of our titles:

Almost Zero
 "The story is read by author Grimes, who uses a slow and measured voice to describe how Dyamonde comes to realize not only what she really needs but what others do as well. Grimes' tone clearly conveys the emotions of the characters without going over the top." — Booklist, May 15, 2014

Almost Zero
 "The story is read by author Grimes, who uses a slow and measured voice to describe how Dyamonde comes to realize not only what she really needs but what others do as well. Grimes' tone clearly conveys the emotions of the characters without going over the top." — Booklist, May 15, 2014

Always October
 "The highlight of the recording is the reading of the two main characters, Jacob and Lily, voiced by two young actors who deftly use their voices to believably express wonder, terror, happiness, and more." — Booklist, May 15, 2014
 "Featuring age-appropriate casting and a fresh voice for every character in the Full Cast Audio tradition, Always October is a choice pick for children's library audiobook shelves, and year-round fun for listeners ages 8 and up - adults too!" — Children's Bookwatch, November, 2013
 "The full cast narration gives distinct voice to each of the well defined characters. The story is told alternating Jake and Lily's point of view and these two strong voice actors, Zac Fletcher and Nancy O'Connor, are well cast. . . . a worthy addition to any youth services library." — School Library Journal, February, 2014
 "A full cast of voices brings this spooky, fun audiobook to life. The delight begins with the voices of the children who portray 12-year-old Jake and Lily, two friends who discover the world of "Always October," where monsters rule. Kids and adults will marvel at the excellent and refreshing performances of these two young narrators, as well as every other perfectly cast voice. There are many monster voices, some of them funny and others utterly frightening. As Lily and Jake try to escape from "Always October" and save the human world, their exciting adventures are enhanced by sound effects and fitting music. This is a perfectly entertaining thriller for anyone who loves a good scare." Earphones Award — AudioFile, April. 2014
 Praise for the print version of Always October:
 "In this surprisingly charming blend of fantasy and mystery, Coville strikes just the right balance of terror and whimsy with his picture-book worthy descriptions of the monstrous inhabitants of Always October. Jake and Lily alternate narration, and they represent two common and entirely relatable responses to fear: Jake is a multi-phobic who attempts to control every aspect of his life, while Lily is a thrillseeker whose response to being scared is to find something that scares her even more. Their voices are authentically kid-centered, and readers will likely recognize aspects of themselves in both reactions" — Bulletin of the Center for Children
 "The story alternates between Jacob's and Lily's points of view. With the right combination of horror and humor, this book will hold readers in its grip and have them asking for more." — School Library Journal
 "From the very first line (“We've only got two weeks before Jake has to turn into a monster for the first time”) to the riveting ending, this fantasy will have readers turning pages recklessly. . . . Bursting with enticing characters and building tension, this book has everything a reader could want—breathtaking suspense, monstrously entertaining worldbuilding and lots of “punny” and burp-and-fart humor." — Kirkus Reviews
 "Coville (the My Teacher Is an Alien books) offers an entertaining, spine-tingling rollick as the group uncovers long-hidden secrets and discovers unknown strengths." — Publisher's Weekly, 8/17/12

The Beloved Dearly
 "The Beloved Dearly is an innovative, and funny story that will delight children of all ages (i.e., the grownups will giggle too!) This Full Cast Audio production of the story is performed by a full cast of actors that literally, bring the story to life." — Large Print Reviews, Dec 2002   Read entire review…
 "A winning group of young actors give this production a believable, spunky tone that will keep listeners tuned in." 2002 Listen Up! Award — Publishers Weekly, Nov 2002  Starred Review
 "This lighthearted debut novel springs to life through a high-spirited cast...." — Booklist
 "Witty, clever, yet touching, this first novel has certain kid appeal." — School Library Journal

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "Bruce Coville and his Full Cast Audio crew do a great job matching the youthful dialogue and optimism of this 1951 Heinlein classic with fine character voices, music, and vocal effects. Many of Robert Heinlein’s early works were called “juveniles” because it was assumed that science fiction was strictly for kids. However, there’s nothing immature about Heinlein’s amazingly prophetic discussions of space travel, bioengineering, intellectual freedom, and his own rugged brand of patriotism. A classic in every way." — AudioFile, September, 2012   Read entire review…
 "Pure entertainment from beginning to end, this production of 'Between Planets' provides the listener with a total 'theatre of the mind' experience and is highly recommended for personal, school, and community library audio book collections." — Midwest Book Review, April, 2012

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "The story is perfect for a full-cast reading. All of the actors add layers of meaning, enlivening even the minor characters.... An enchanting listening experience." — Booklist, July 2008
 "[Chelsea] Mixon is resplendent as the voice of Dashti. Somehow she manages to combine the wonder of a mucker entering into the world of the gentrified folk with the street smarts and empathy for those she deems less fortunate. Her singing voice is incredibly rich, an essential attribute for a healer who uses music to soothe ills and injuries. The exotic sounding music that opens each chapter is another pleasant surprise, one that helps place this tale in a time and land distant from the present. Hale's wordsmithing is apparent in this audio production. Lines that might escape the casual reader somehow sink deeper into the listener's consciousness." — VOYA, 2008
 "Shannon Hale has created a fascinating mythological Asian world, and Full Cast Audio delivers a believable atmosphere of adventure, mystery, and romance as they bring this world to life. Chelsea Mixon is especially effective as Dashti, the Mucker girl who recorded this tale in her "thought book."...This is a winner." — AudioFile, 2008
 "Chelsea Mixon performs Dashti with vibrance, spirit, and an unfailingly right voice for all parts of the story. ... This mix of fantasy, adventure, medieval Mongolian history, and love story will be a wonderful addition to any collection.," — KLIATT, September, 2008  Starred Review

The Book of Job
 "This is a forceful, passionate, and soul shaking story, and the Full Cast Audio production will bring the story into your home, and into your heart, in a way never before experienced. No matter what your faith or religious beliefs, you'll find this audio production of The Book of Job both entertaining and awe inspiring." — Large Print Reviews, 06/13/2005   Read entire review…
 "Singularly effective is actor Gerard Moses' mesmerizing portrayal of Job, which at turns bespeaks his emotions of despair, sadness, and hope while capturing the rich, poetic language." — BOOKLIST, Aug 2005
 "This full cast performance, led by Gerard Moses as Job, gives new dimension to the calamities and unwavering faith of a good man... The tale builds in intensity as the voices rise in pitch, and ends with a resounding affirmation of faith."" — KLIATT, Nov 2005

Boy Meets Boy
 "Suffused with humor and heart, this recording is bound to get listeners thinking about what it means to be yourself and truly embrace tolerance." — Publisher’s Weekly, May 2004
 "Nick Robideau, who plays Paul, is phenomenal to say the least. More than just his conversational manner, his escalation of emotion will leave listeners ready to reach through their earphones to give Paul a hug." — Boox Review - Lance Eaton
 "Sincere in its approach and heartfelt in its intense emotion, this audiobook stands tall with its appeal to idealism, authenticity, and outstanding quality of production." — Audiofile
 "David Levithan’s novel about high school romance is brought to life by more than two dozen actors... A well-conceived bonus at the end of the book’s narration gives three of the actors the opportunity to compare their own high school experiences with Paul’s." — School Library Journal, Sep 2005
 "Full Cast Audio has another exceptional audio that is highly recommended for all teen audiobook collections. Not only is the audio an extension of the characters and I envisioned they would sound after reading Levithan’s novel, but the afterward brought all 6 CD’s together. The input of the Full Cast crew, their personal high school experiences and the connection they felt with the characters was portrayed." — Baker and Taylor, Sep 2005

Briars Book
 "...this audio version is a special treat... Author Pierce narrates, and there is an additional full cast of 22 performers. The voices are young and they are old; wise and foolish; sad and happy. All the voices are polished and wonderful to listen to. A bonus is the eerie music that plays sometimes in the background, adding a perfect touch." — KLIATT, Mar 2005  Starred Review   Read entire review…

Buddha Boy
 "After the story, Full Cast Audio includes a "special feature;" a note from the author, Kathe Koja. It's a great added piece that gives further insight into this delightful audiobook." — The Boox Review
 "As with Kissing the Bee, the Full Cast Audio adaptation of Buddha Boy is skillfully acted and edited, bringing out nuances in the story with a cast of talented actors, including some very gifted young people in the principle roles. The story twists and turns, and never quite goes where you think it will -- and like all of Koja's YA novels, it contains an elegant and simple emotional truth at its core that will have you vowing to be a better person by the time it's done." — BoingBoing - Cory Doctorow, July 20, 2009   Read entire review…
 "Spencer Murphy does a fine job conveying Justin’s fear of the unfamiliar, and Koja’s author note at the end will spark discussion of the writing process, as well as the problem of dealing with bullies." — AudioFile, Dec 2004
 "Eighteen well-cast actors [are] led by Spencer Murphy, who aptly conveys Justin's fears, ambivalence, and outrage ... a surefire springboard for discussion about bullying, peer pressure, and tolerance." — School Library Journal
 "Koja accomplishes quite a feat... A compelling introduction to Buddhism and a credible portrait of how true friendship brings out the best in people." — Publishers Weekly  Starred Review
 Praise for the print version of Buddha Boy:
 "Quickly paced, inviting, and eye-opening… a marvelous addition to YA literature." — School Library Journal

By the Great Horn Spoon
 "Wonderful family listening" — Children's Bookwatch, Feb 2005   Read entire review…
 "Willard E. Lape, Jr. is the book's narrator, and his gravelly tones heighten the effect, as do cozy musical interludes. The exuberance of Jack Flagg (performed by Dan Poorman) is infectious, and unflappable butler Praiseworthy (read by David Baker) is a perfectly realized chap. Even the villains are likable! The actors clearly enjoyed performing this tale, and listeners reap the benefits." — Booklist

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "The Full Cast Family, featuring Caitlin Brodnick, does an outstanding job... A delightful bonus is a 2004 afterword by Danziger." — KLIATT   Read entire review…
 "Full Cast Audio enhances this classic. Every character is perfectly realized, conveying the pain, pleasure, and confusion that are prerequisites to growing up." — AudioFile, Jun 2005
 "First published in 1974, Paula Danziger’s compassionate and accurate portrayal of a young girl struggling to find her own voice rings as true today as it did 30 years ago. A full cast brings this modern American classic of teenage angst to life with humor and pathos." — School Library Journal, May 2005
 "The shining star in this production is Caitlin Brodnick, who plays Marcy to perfection... Concluding remarks by the late Danziger, in which she tells how she came to write this debut novel, elevate this sterling 2005 Selected Audiobooks for Young Adults choice." — Booklist  Starred Review

Crossing Jordan
 "Fogelin's narration reflects her intricate knowledge of the characters, and she brings the emotional depth of each scene to life. Southern life resonates as the author expertly defines each character's unique traits and dialect. An engrossing, evenhanded look at prejudice and interracial friendship." — School Library Journal, October, 2009
 "Fogelin does a stupendous job giving Cass a voice that is both strong and innocent ... This audio version of a story of hope, friendship and the ability to look beyond skin color to the person within is a solid performance suitable for family listening, especially where racial issues need to be addressed." — SoundCommentary, February 1, 2010   Read entire review…
 "The author's narration captures the emotional seesaw of adolescence and fittingly portrays characters of other ages with various accents. Her restrained approach contributes to the characters' credibility and complexity. This enjoyable performance could serve as a good starting point for a discussion about prejudice." — AudioFile, April, 2010   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Crossing Jordan:
 "Fogelin creates Cass and Jemmie as complex characters with the same differences of approach and personality that mark the interactions of other best friends, whatever their skin color. Cass' straightforward voice never falters, even when she questions her father's beliefs and her own decisions. Readers will appreciate the honesty of Fogelin's approach and applaud the two girls in their fast friendship." — Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
 "In this sensitive portrait of black-white relations in a changing neighborhood, Fogelin offers a tactful, evenhanded look at prejudice." — USA Today

 "A joy to listen to . . . worthy of the highest recommendation for high school, college, and public library collections." — Library Bookwatch, June 2013
 "The full cast anchored by Cynthia Bishop does a fine job. The passionate love is wonderfully read as are the superb sword fighting, full bravery and doom" Best Audiobooks of 2011 — SoundCommentary, January, 2012
 "Trevor Hill is perfect as Cyrano, the man with the unfortunate nose who declares his love for Roxanne through letters while hiding behind the handsome face of his rival, Christian. Cynthia Bishop's polished narration, an outstanding cast with American-accented voices, and bits of fitting music complete the applause-worthy audio experience." AudioFile Earphones Award — AudioFile, November, 2011   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Cyrano:
 "McCaughrean retells the classic tale in accessible language that is both entertaining and tender. . . The story has something for everyone–action, adventure, and romance. The dynamically drawn characters jump off the page. Staying true to Edmond Rostand's original tale, McCaughrean introduces a new generation to the swashbuckling hero." — School Library Journal
 "With a beautiful mix of swashbuckling action, witty insult, passionate love, and heartbreaking melancholy, British Carnegie Medalist McCaughrean retells the story of the classic French play about Cyrano de Bergerac. . . . The timeless love story, tenderly told in plain poetry, will thrill teens, especially those who want an irreverent hero with panache and integrity. Great for readers' theater and for reading aloud." — Booklist  Starred Review

Dajas Book
 "Dramatically recorded with a full cast, the players are terrific and include such notables as Bruce Coville, Pierce's husband Tim Liebe, and Pierce herself. Pierce's various fantasy series are wildly popular and this audio version will be swept away, as will listeners." — KLIATT, Jul 2004   Read entire review…
 "Author Pierce narrates this story along with a cast of 16, all well suited to their characters. This approach lends a depth to the story and will assure Pierce fans that it is read the way the writer imagined it." — AudioFile, Sep 2004   Read entire review…
 "Pierce knows exactly what is going on in her stories, and is the perfect narrator for them. A former radio star, she does a wonderful job here, perfectly backed up by the, as always, excellent boys and girls at Full Cast Audio." — Audiobook Cafe, Mar 2004   Read entire review…

Dark Whispers
 "Coville and a full cast of narrators do a splendid job, giving each character just the right voice, and sound effects and music add to the atmosphere of the tale. Listeners will eagerly await the fourth book in the series." — School Library Journal, June, 2009
 "The author as narrator is not always a good arrangement. Given Coville's wide-ranging experience in the world of audiobook production, it works flawlessly in this case. His reading is effortless and natural. His voice is perfectly suited as the story's narrator. The cadence and rhythm shift subtly as the mood and tone of the scenes warrant. The full cast includes an astonishing variety of voices from that of a young Indian boy, to unicorns and delvers and other unusual creatures, to Cara and Ian whose journeys are at the heart of this adventure. Each voice seems well matched to the character." — VOYA, December, 2008
 "Music (Indian folk music when the setting is Delhi, and classical violin accompaniment in Luster, for example) heightens and complements the suspense and helps transition listeners. Subtle touches include one character's voice fading into another's. Author Coville, who serves as the main narrator, maintains a steady and consistent reading, and Becca Wemesfelder perfectly captures the tones and inflections of adolescent Cara. This fast-paced audio works well for both new and old series fans." — Booklist, 11/15/08
 "Cara Diana Hunter is on a quest for a critical story, and her father is on a journey in search of his wife. Transitions between the two tales are signaled by musical interludes that are helpful in keeping the listener grounded. The cast is strong, with a wide range of voices." — Audiofile
 Praise for the print version of Dark Whispers:
 "The long-awaited third volume in the Unicorn Chronicles series is longer, darker, and more complex than the previous stories. . . . The pacing is furious as Coville propels his multiple plotlines to a riveting, cliff-hanging conclusion. Readers will scream for book four." — Booklist, September 1, 2008

David and the Phoenix
 "Every line of the book's warmth, humor, and gentleness comes to life in Bruce Coville's superb multicast production... an absolute keeper for all ages." — AudioFile, May 2003   Read entire review…
 "Imaginatively written and lovingly dramatized, this gentle program is a treat for the whole family" — Booklist, Apr 2003
 "Listeners will quickly become enthralled" — Publishers Weekly
 "An energetic and touching reading." — School Library Journal

Disappearing Act
 "Galen Druke and the Full Cast Audio staff do an excellent job of imbuing the wacky characters with life. Fans of Sid Fleischman as well as those new to his work will enjoy this novel's humor and great dialogue." — School Library Journal
 "Galen Druke narrates as the 12-year-old Kevin and is joined by a cast of 12 other actors who give personality to the other quirky characters. This is a thoroughly satisfying production." — KLIATT, Sep 2004   Read entire review…
 "Sid Fleischman's signature twists and turns bring unlikely characters into the action. This full-cast production heightens the freshness and urgency of the children's quest to carve out a life and to resolve the mystery." — AudioFile, Sep 2004   Read entire review…

Doctor Proctors Fart Powder
 "Dufris' timing is perfect, especially when relaying the comedic scenes; his elastic vocalizations make this almost seem like a full-cast recording." — Booklist, October 15, 2010
 "[Nesbø] extends his talent into the realm of children’s books with a zany scientist and his young comrades who take on bullies and impossible feats with improbable, amazing super-strength fart powder. William Dufris’s tongue-in-cheek narration underscores Nesbø’s farcical humor. Dufris is exuberant as each of the characters . . . sure to keep middle-grade listeners fully engaged." — AudioFile, October, 2011   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Doctor Proctors Fart Powder:
 "Nesbo tells his fantastical story in a matter-of-fact, deadpan style, and Lowery’s simple illustrations match the dry, comedic tone well. The title promises young readers a story with a bang, and it delivers." — Booklist

A Dog on His Own
 "All three dogs are delightfully voiced by Dufris, who also provides voices for the various dogs they encounter, such as a Doberman named Adolf, complete with a German accent, and a thuggish rottweiler whose dialogue is straight out of a gangster film. Dufris delivers these canine misadventures with glee" — Audiofile, August 2009   Read entire review…
 "Excellent family listening and a good model for expressive oral reading. Will be a favorite with dog lovers." — Booklist, October 1, 2009
 "William Dufris brings each dog character to life with a unique voice to match its distinct personality. Dog and animal lovers will gladly romp along with K-10 and his canine pals." — School Library Journal, November, 2009
 Praise for the print version of A Dog on His Own:
 "A compelling, affectionate story of opening not just one’s home, but also one’s heart." — Booklist, November 1, 2008
 "Told in first person, the humorous, action-packed novel follows K-10 and some newfound friends through numerous escapes, misadventures, and setbacks, and wraps up with a tidy and satisfying conclusion. With a winning cover and fast pace, it’s sure to please dog-loving kids" — School Library Journal, December, 2008

Dragon of Doom
 "If you’ve listened to more than one audiobook you can understand how important the narration is to the story and the overall presentation... Sparkes narration is so impressive you find yourself listening in awe as he performs line after line, chapter after chapter." — Audiobook Cafe, Aug 2004   Read entire review…
 "The fun-filled story is brought to life by a full cast… an excellent job of providing unique voices for each character." — Chicago Parent
 "The story is narrated by young actor Ryan Sparkes, who gives an enthusiastic performance as Edward. His youthful exuberance carries the innocence of a bygone age and may remind older listeners of the sort of boy heroes that populated late-50s and early-60s children’s films, or, say, “Leave It to Beaver.” This energy adds to the Coville’s light-handed humor." — AudioFile, Feb 2005
 "Rich in dialogue, the story suits its full-cast treatment... Each character is played with gusto by a different person making this more of a performance than a simple reading." — School Library Journal

 "The varying voices in the ensemble cast add texture to this fast-paced title, which may particularly interest reluctant readers." — Booklist, Sep 2003
 "This full-cast production sports a fine supporting cast, particularly Craig Middleton, who turns in a fine performance as Chad's best friend, Jason. This engrossing look at life behind the boardwalk will keep listeners close to their headphones." — AudioFile, Nov 2003   Read entire review…
 "This captivating story deserves a place in all teen collections." — School Library Journal (audio review)
 "This production is well acted and benefits from great casting... Listeners will enjoy this coming-of-age story while getting a glimpse into the world of the carnival business." — KLIATT, Nov 2003   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Dunk:
 "Dunk grips readers from the very first sentence and doesn’t let go until the last." — School Library Journal

Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
 "The rat's voice, with an indignant masculine tone, is particularly enchanting. Emmy's voice is that of a little girl who is confused, but sweet without ever being bratty. It is wonderful to hear all the different voices as they bring the characters to life. Listeners will be engaged throughout." — SoundCommentary, June 1, 2010
 "Jonell narrates with an understated curiosity and humor that allow this quirky tale to shine . . . sure to engage the whole family." — AudioFile, April, 2010   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat:
 "Jonell's (the Christopher and Robbie picture books) first novel is a lustrous affair, a droll fantasy with an old-fashioned sweep and a positively cinematic cast." — Publisher's Weekly  Starred Review
 "Emmy frees the Rat, triggering a landslide of fantastical events featuring the conniving Miss Barmy, cunning Professor Vole and The Antique Rat, his mysterious shop filled with rare rodents. As a transformed Emmy and some new four-legged friends try to outwit Miss Barmy and outrun Professor Vole, the irascible Rat turns the tide." — Kirkus  Starred Review
 "Emmy’s world has turned upside down. Since her family inherited a fortune, her parents have become obsessed with status and money, her teachers and fellow students ignore her, and her welfare has been left in the hands of her cold-hearted nanny, Miss Barmy. Now, she can hear the class pet, a rat, talking. What’s going on? Jonell takes readers on a merry, sometimes scary romp, as Emmy enters the Antique Rat store and learns about a world of rodents with eclectic powers, which are being used by Miss Barmy to get control of Emmy’s family and their fortune." — Booklist  Starred Review
 "A mystery is cleverly woven into this fun and, at times, hilarious caper, and children are likely to find themselves laughing out loud during some parts. A medley of endearing characters adds to an already delightful read. " — School Library Journal  Starred Review

Emperor Mage
 "A full cast brings the faraway land of Carthak to vivid life, complete with castle, aviary, menagerie, and dusty temples. Carmen Viviano-Crafts, who also voiced Daine in WILD MAGIC and WOLF SPEAKER, has the perfect voice for the determined teenage girl. A cast of more than 30 and dramatic music give the feel of a blockbuster to the production." — AudioFile, October 22, 2009
 "[The actors] all do a wonderful job, especially Carmen Viviano-Crafts, who voices Daine, and Mike Komurek as Daine's new friend, Zek the Marmoset. All the drama, humor, anger, and romance come across clearly." — School Library Journal, January, 2010

This Title Now Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website
 "Chelsea Mixon reads Enna’s part with fluidity, and the entire ensemble cast, including such regulars as Daniel Bostick, Bruce Coville, Tamora Pierce, and Adam Wahlberg, are likewise fluent and smooth in their portrayals. Fans of the earlier title will be hooked. A welcome addition to audio collections. " — Booklist, August 1, 2008
 "The consistently excellent voice of the background reader weaves its own spell and ties the cast and plot together." — School Library Journal, July, 2008

The Entertainer and the Dybbuk
 "Below is a link to Audiofile's lovely "Sound Review" of The Entertainer and the Dybbuk." — Audiofile   Read entire review…
 "An entertaining and moving story, told with humor and pathos, and characters who embrace life despite unimaginable tragedies. Featuring excellent narration by Banna Rubinow and a full cast, the tale is brought to life with distinct and lively characterizations. The pacing is quick and sharp, the delivery is excellent." — School Library Journal, January, 2010  Starred Review
 "Banna Rubinow, as the story's narrator, speaks with authority and feeling. Alexander Harvey and Joshua Gutmaker are especially worthy of note as The Great Freddie and the dybbuk. Harvey communicates the confusion of a young American flyer who finds himself possessed by an avenging ghost. Gutman ably conveys Avrom's idealistic belief in the justice of retribution." Earphones Award — AudioFile
 Praise for the print version of The Entertainer and the Dybbuk:
 "Quick, creative, clever and thoroughly entertaining." Kirkus Best Children’s Books of 2007 — Kirkus Reviews, August, 2007  Starred Review
 "Fleischman explores the sensitive topic of anti-Semitism–not just the overt evil of the Nazi system, but also the casual, pervasive bigotry of the period. Even Freddie has to deal with his own deep-seated prejudice. There is a strong emphasis on friendship and justice, and an ultimate affirmation of life and hope. This exciting and thought-provoking book belongs in every collection." — School Library Journal, August, 2007  Starred Review

The Evil Elves (Moongobble and Me, 3)
 "The delightful cast from earlier episodes has returned to deliver this lively tale. Young Ryan Sparkes adroitly narrates the story through the voice of Edward, the magician's boy apprentice... The cast's superb expression and humor make this children's story entertaining even for older listeners." — AudioFile, Oct 2006   Read entire review…
 "Performed by a full cast of energetic and talented actors, this delightful foray into fantasy will enthrall readers, and listeners, of all ages." — Large Print Reviews

Eyes Like Stars
 "The imaginative story is chock-full of characters, making a full-cast production an excellent choice for audio. Principal narrator Bishop's reading is consistent and clear; Lydia Rose Shahan effectively captures teenager Bertie's anxiety and know-it-all attitude . . . Additional production values include Renaissance-style music marking chapters and concluding each disc. This engaging debut novel with a large palette of characters is enhanced by this enjoyable production." — Booklist, May 15, 2010
 "Young adults who enjoy imaginative fantasy/adventure novels will love this book, particularly if they enjoy watching or participating in theatrical productions themselves. Full Cast Audio gives an excellent, high quality performance. Their use of a full cast of actors instead of a single narrator is uniquely fitting for this book’s large cast of characters." — SoundCommentary, July, 2010
 "Every narrator delivers the kind of performance that audiobook fans dream of. For teenaged listeners interested in theater, EYES LIKE STARS is an ideal blend of narrative and vocal magic." — AudioFile, April, 2010  Starred Review   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Eyes Like Stars:
 "Mantchev seamlessly blends the richly wrought, claustrophobic world of the tradition-bound theater and its age-old dramatic productions with a decidedly modern sensibility. The result is electric. The delicious descriptions of the theater’s strange powers are fascinating, the characters vivid, the dialogue smart and sassy and Bertie’s fiercely loyal fairy cohorts from A Midsummer Night’s Dream bawdy and hilarious. Clever mini-scripts, usually flashbacks, materialize throughout the novel like songs in a musical. The palpable sense of urgency is also fueled by some well-staged romance, as well as by Bertie’s quest to discover who she is and what she’s made of. Brava! Encore!" — Kirkus Reviews  Starred Review
 "Mantchev clearly knows theater from all angles, and she uses inventive play-within-play formats to create a tumble of multiple, even metaphysical narratives filled with delicious banter and familiar characters from the dramatic canon. Many teens, particularly those with some theatrical background, will look forward to the sequel suggested at the end of this bravely flamboyant and wholly original romp." — Booklist
 "With an iron-willed girl hero whose magic is with words, and a universe that is also the ultimate theater, EYES LIKE STARS is the most unusual fantasy I've read this year! I recommend it to anyone who loves drama, strong girls, and rowdy faery folk!" — Tamora Pierce
 "Mantchev's first novel feels dreamlike (plot points are often revealed during impromptu performances), yet underneath is a solid story about the search for happiness and identity. Inside jokes will delight drama club devotees (“Gertrude pointed at Macbeth, who was holding up a cruller and muttering, 'Is this a doughnut I see before me?' ”), but this passionate debut should attract a broader readership as well." — Publisher's Weekly, July, 2009
 "Filled with literary whimsy and intrigue, this story brings the magic of the stage to life with great delight. The Theatre is a fascinatingly strong setting, populated with a rich variety of characters and plenty of potential... Mantchev can take bow; her first novel, Book 1 of the Theatre Illuminata Trilogy, is a crowd pleaser." — REALMS OF FANTASY, October, 2009
 "All the world's truly a stage in Lisa Mantchev's innovative tale, EYES LIKE STARS. Magical stagecraft, unmanageable fairies, and a humorous cast of classical characters form the backdrop for this imaginative coming-of-age." — Suzanne Collins, Author of THE HUNGER GAMES

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "Levine's enchanting, intelligent fairy tale, set in a kingdom devoted to singing, lends itself well to full-cast production; this one features 32 voices. Composer Todd Hobin has set Levine's lyrics to music; Naughton does a terrific job as maid Aza, the narrator, a demanding role that requires near-operatic talents. Homely Aza, abandoned at birth, not only sings like a lark, she can throw her voice and mimic others, a skill she calls illusing. ...This is a rare case: the book itself is superb, but the audio production surpasses it." — Publisher's Weekly  Starred Review
 "A huge cast voices more than 20 characters, who speak and sing music composed by Todd Hobin. The magnificent performers employ different vocal registers and accents. Sarah Naughton plays the part of Aza with versatility and ease, and Alice Morigi is appropriately haughty as the Duchess of Olixo. Occasional touches of humor (the cook’s “Omelette Song” and Ivi’s high-pitched rendition of “Healing Song”) contrast with more serious moments, such as the sweet love song of Prince Ijori (played by Adam Wahlberg). Speaking and singing weave in and out of the production; solos, duets, and choruses comprise many musical numbers, which range from simple lute arrangements to a majestic liturgical church service. This outstanding audio—a magical fairy tale romance—will capture listeners’ hearts." — Booklist, June 1, 2008  Starred Review
 "Composer director Todd Hobin has created melodies for all the story's lyrics and songs, making it a portable Broadway musical. Full Cast Audio uses richly expressive voices with a variety of accents to create a delightful listening experience. ... an excellent choice for family travels or classroom listening." — KLIATT, September, 2008  Starred Review
 "The performance by Sarah Naughton and a full cast is excellent. Listeners will be dazzled by this entertaining production." — School Library Journal, July, 2008
 "Fairest, set in a kingdom where singing is the natural form of dialogue, is transformed from words on a page into a fully-scored, full cast audiobook. From the director/composer to sound engineer, lead narrator/singer to minor cast member, each member of this masterful ensemble contributes to an enhanced work of literature, defining distinguished production." Finalist: Distinguished Achievement in Production — 2009 Audie Judge's Panel
 "The Full Cast actors expertly read and sing the story of Aza and Ayortha - a country where beautiful music and singing are prized above everything else." A 2009 Amazing Audiobooks Selection — Amazing Audiobooks Committee
 "What fun! A full-cast audio production is a great vehicle for presenting this fairy tale. Set in a land where writing songs and singing them is a highly admired skill, the story offers a combination of singing and speaking roles for a rich cast of characters. The skilled cast makes the most of their roles and appears to be having great fun." Earphones Award — Audiofile, Dec/Jan 2008-09

Football Champ
 Praise for the print version of Football Champ:
 "the characters are engaging and the game action is exciting." — School Library Journal

Football Genius
 "Written by Tim Green, a former linebacker for the Falcons, this exciting story will immediately draw in sports fans. Narration is performed well by a full cast, including Green." — School Library Journal, May, 2009
 "Green’s knowledge of the story and his excellent pacing accentuate the tale. Each chapter begins and ends with football band music or quieter guitar riffs, adding to the atmosphere of drama and the plot development. A few sound effects further increase the dynamism of the flawless and dynamic performances." — Booklist, December 1, 2008
 Praise for the print version of Football Genius:
 "Non-sports fans will root for underdog Troy . . . and enthusiasts will thrill to the firsthand knowledge Green brings to the novel." — Publisher's Weekly

Football Hero
 "Author Tim Green skillfully narrates his fast-moving sports thriller along with a full cast of excellent voice actors. As a former NFL star, Green knows exactly how to convey the game's excitement and suspense. Fans of sports stories and thrillers will enjoy this action-packed tale." — School Library Journal, March, 2010
 "As a college and NFL football player, Tim Green dished out a lot of hard hits. As an author and narrator, Green utilizes his mighty pen and vocal skills to create a hard-hitting, heartfelt masterpiece. ... Listeners will be mesmerized by this production and the way that every actor takes command of each scene." EARPHONES AWARD — Audiofile Magazine, January, 2010   Read entire review…
 "With plenty of dialogue and plot twists, former NFL player Tim Green's latest novel works well as a full-cast interpretation ... Lanny Freshman's reading makes Uncle Gus appropriately dislikable, and Bryce Humphrey brings out Ty's vulnerability and likableness. Thane's voice has a cocky assuredness and warmer tones when he interacts with younger brother Ty. Acting as principal narrator, Green's reading keeps pace with the action." — Booklist, January 1, 2010
 Praise for the print version of Football Hero:
 "Instantly gripping ... [keeps] the tension level high and the pages flipping furiously ... sure to have a great many fans." — Kirkus Reviews
 "Even better than Football Genius . . . lots of fast-moving action and suspense . . . sure to be a hit." — KLIATT  Starred Review

This Title Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website
 Praise for the print version of This Title Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website:
 "In her fourth fantasy about the land of Bayern, Hale has created a strong stand-alone companion to The Goose Girl (2003), Enna Burning (2004), and River Secrets (2006, all Bloomsbury). Forest Born centers on Razo's sister, Rin, and her special abilities. The struggle that she goes through as she begins to recognize her talent of persuasion and her elemental connection to the forest brings the typical fantasy themes of good vs. evil to a place that makes them very personal." — School Library Journal
 "Hale adds a fourth entry to her Books of Bayern series with this exciting, stand-alone title focused on teenaged Rin, who follows her brother, Razo, from their forest home to the city’s royal court. Characters from the series’ previous titles all hold major roles in the ensuing adventures in which Rin joins a battle to protect Bayern from evil forces. As usual, Hale’s vivid, poetic language; romantic and action-filled plot twists; and friendship themes create a rich, satisfying read." — Booklist

Gilbert & Sullivan Set Me Free
 "A full cast of actresses brings to life this terrific novel by Kathleen Karr... The ability of the excellent cast to ham up rehearsal and performance scenes and to burst into song adds vibrancy and personality to the story... With its entertaining and fast-moving plot developed by such enthusiastic voices and its celebration of the healing power of music, this audiobook will appeal to a wide age range." — School Library Journal, Sep 2005
 "Narrative performances are engaging, spirited and emotional, yet never overdone. The production is well cast, with all voices suiting the characters. The musical performances are excellent as well. A fascinating addition is the author's discussion of her inspiration for the novel, which is based on a true story." — KLIATT, Nov 2004  Starred Review   Read entire review…
 "Splendid!" — Library Bookwatch, Aug 2005
 "Carmen Viviano-Crafts brings Libby alive as she finds her place in the prison world, and The Full Cast Family adds just the right spice to the hard-boiled inmates Libby befriends during her time there... Libby and her friends will tug on listeners’ heartstrings and make them want to sing along." — AudioFile, Oct 2005
 Praise for the print version of Gilbert & Sullivan Set Me Free:
 "Karr brings close a huge cast of characters--in prison and on stage--never downplaying their anguish, even as she celebrates the spirited community that comes together to find the best in each other and put on a spectacular show." — Booklist

The Girls
 "This strong audio adaptation is a seamless fit for Koss's style of using alternating narrators to deliver varying points of view. Full cast continues to cultivate a roster of excellent young performers." — Publishers Weekly, Apr 2003
 "...the acting of the young ladies was superb! They sounded very real and believable." — Audiobook Cafe, May 2003   Read entire review…
 "This full cast reading is first rate. The story captures the angst of young girls and illustrates how quickly loyalties can change and the devastation shunning can cause... Because the stories are told in the first person, there is a terrific poignancy expressed by the excellent readers. They reveal the underpinnings of each girl's personality with unfailing precision." — KLIATT, Jul 2004   Read entire review…

This Title Now Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website
 "When I finished listening to Shannon Hale's The Goose Girl, I wanted to start the story again. I had read the fantasy novel in print form about two years before hearing it and Full Cast Audio brings the characters to life in spot-on performances which won't disappoint fans of the novel." — SFFAudio - Mary Robinette
 "This tale of courage and perseverance is a listening delight." — School Library Journal
 "The casting is spot on ... original music, composed and performed by Todd Hobin, adds to the entire work . . . may be the best audiobook Full Cast Audio has produced thus far." — VOYA
 "Fantasy, romance, and intrigue take wing in Shannon Hale's stunning retelling of Grimm's fairy tale presented by a marvelous full cast and Cynthia Bishop’s outstanding lyrical narration." — ALA Notable Children's Recordings List

 "Kristin Cashore's well-developed characters are completely realized in this full-cast production. Chelsea Mixon portrays Lady Katsa, who was born with a horrifying "grace" for killing. Mixon's nuanced portrayal gives an inside view of the confusions that torment this "graceling." . . . Even minor characters are richly rendered. Their interactions, thoughts, and actions are well integrated in David Baker's strong narration, which animates events and astutely measures emotions. Musical interludes, both regal and somber, are as plentiful as the plot twists, and the result is a production listeners won’t soon forget." Earphones Award — Audiofile, July, 2009
 "As Lady Katsa, Chelsea Mixon projects an utterly natural range of emotions that reveal Katsa’s efforts to reconcile her Grace for killing with her quest for social justice; Zachary Exton, as Prince Po, serves as Katsa’s sharp-witted foil through high adventure and romantic sparring, his balanced tones touched with an edge of mystery as listeners decipher the limits of his Grace. Both Mixon’s and Exton’s authentically teen voices forge a strong connection to young adults struggling with issues of identity and responsibility -- Mary Burkey" — Hornbook
 "This many-layered fantasy-adventure marked with suspenseful music and ambient sound effects is enhanced by a full cast, including principal reader Baker, who seamlessly integrates exciting action scenes into the dialogue. (From the magazine's list of Top Ten Recordings of First Novels for Youth)" — Booklist, October 14, 2010
 "Wonderful at bringing the characters to life. This fantasy/romance is a first purchase for libraries with YA audiobook collections." — School Library Journal, November, 2009  Starred Review
 Praise for the print version of Graceling:
 "In a tale filled with . . . gentle passion and savage kindness, matter-of-fact heroics and bleak beauty, no defeat is ever total and no triumph comes without cost." — Kirkus Reviews  Starred Review
 "An impressive first novel, this well crafted and rewarding fantasy will leave readers hoping for more." — Booklist  Starred Review
 "With this riveting debut, Cashore has set the bar exceedingly high." — Publisher's Weekly  Starred Review
 "Exciting, stirring, and accessible." — School Library Journal  Starred Review

The Great Cheese Conspiracy
 "Tongue-in-cheek gangster-style accents, great music, and clever dialogue make this a fun adventure, as well as a celebration of persistence and friendship. Danger and unexpected obstacles of all kinds keep the tension high." — AudioFile, Feb 2005
 "This wonderful young adult audio just hit a right note. A throwback to the gangsters era with a bit Damon Runyon thrown in for good measure. The cast is first rate. " 2005 Golden Headset Award — Bennet Pomerantz
 "Jean Van Leeuwen's The Great Cheese Conspiracy enjoys a fine unabridged full-cast production... Comedy and danger come to life in an audio the entire family will enjoy" — Children's Bookwatch, Feb 2005   Read entire review…

The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper
 "The full-cast narration is brilliant, making each character unique and full of life, from the scheming Marvin to the intellectual Raymond and the soulful Fats. A delightful addition to audiobook collections." — School Library Journal, July, 2008
 "AudioFile Magazine named Daniel Bostick one of 2008's best voices in Family Listening for his narration as Merciless Marvin the Magnificent." — AudioFile

Guitar Boy
 "[David] Baker competently narrates this coming-of-age story, softening his tones for Travis and filling his voice with high-strung gravel to reflect Travis’ dad. . . . Chapter breaks of guitar music, courtesy of musician and composer Todd Hobin, help sum up the story’s direction—hopeful, sad, and bittersweet by turns. Listeners will also enjoy pleasing vocal snippets of folk songs that conclude some segments. " — Booklist, Jan. 1, 2011
 "David Baker's narration will pull [listeners] in . . . and have them rooting for this plucky, resourceful boy. Baker's straightforward delivery emphasizes the hard-scrabble, community-centered existence of mountain life. Snatches of gospel songs, including guitar strumming, serve as transitions between chapters and add atmosphere to Travis's redemptive story." — AudioFile, December, 2010   Read entire review…
 "David Baker lends his voice to Travis portraying him as an insecure and scared teen with a love of music, which is pitch perfect for the text.  The production also uses the melodic sound of the guitar to lend a unique and rewarding experience for the listener.  This is a wonderful audio version that would be a great listen for teens interested in music." — SoundCommentary, February, 2012  Starred Review

Halfway to Perfect
 "Grimes once again delivers a great story with a noteworthy theme. This reasonably priced title is highly recommended for libraries with children's audiobook collections." — School Library Journal, April, 2014

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "Full Cast Audio's "Have Space Suit, Will Travel" is what audiobook listening is all about. Every voice clear and perfectly suited to its character. A great story, well paced, superbly directed and delightfully acted by an ensemble cast that works together as smoothly as the gears of a Rolex -- now that's entertainment." — Audiobook Cafe, Feb 2004   Read entire review…
 "...a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. Heinlein's classic YA novel and Full Cast Audio are a perfect match." — AudioFile, Jul 2004   Read entire review…
 "The acting is uniformly excellent, the original music and special voice effects enhance their performance. In short, this production truly shines... Have FULL CAST AUDIO, will listen!" — SFFAudio, Mar 2004   Read entire review…
 "...any SF fan will be delighted by the brilliant detail and typical Heinlein humor that are enhanced by the excellent reading." — KLIATT, May 2004   Read entire review…

 "It's one thing to read the story of Hercules and his 12 labors. It's another thing entirely to listen to this stellar full-cast production of McCaughrean's re-envisioning of the classic Greek tale of loss and redemption. The narrators give raw emotion to every line ... the performance builds to a dramatic and pitch-perfect conclusion ... those experiencing Hercules for the first time will be bowled over by the sheer energy and power of the production." — Audiofile, April, 2010   Read entire review…
 "From Hercules' birth to his immortalization in the stars, Geraldine McCaughrean adds humanity and beautiful language to her retelling of the Greek myth . . . Each member of the cast brings a unique flavor and character interpretation to the recording. A musical refrain divides the chapters and completes this polished production." — School Library Journal, February, 2010
 Praise for the print version of Hercules:
 "Such vivid writing will hold the attention of anyone already interested in these ageless legends, and teachers could well ignite students' appetites for the tales by reading passages aloud. A strong addition to the series." — School Library Journal

 "Each of the pigs has a genuine and earnest young narrator. When they're ready for the performance of their lives, the recording reverberates with their collected talents, set to an engaging score. Budding poets, acrobats, singers, and dancers, listen well!" — AudioFile
 "This marvelous tale will delight both young and old alike. Engaging, humorous, and uplifting, Hobart will remind you that dreams do come true!" — Large Print Reviews, Feb 2004   Read entire review…

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien - Books 1 - 3
 "Close your eyes and turn your imagination on to high power. If you cross your basic sixth-grade class (mostly good kids, one impulsive one, one bad one, an inept principal) with an entourage of multi-colored and multi-shaped aliens on the first sanctioned trade mission to Earth, you are in the middle of Bruce Coville's newest science fiction work. Keep your eyes closed and fantasize the voices for these characters. William Dufris does a masterful job of creating them all, making this pleasurable, humorous, and convincing listening. It is an "unabridged production," rather than an "unabridged recording." Enjoy the extravaganza. In addition to the pleasure, one hopes the listener will ponder the possible relationship of Earth beings to other beings of the universe." — AudioFile Magazine, 2000

Into the Land of the Unicorns
 "A solid choice for public and school libraries where fantasy series are popular." — School Library Journal, September 1, 2009
 "Introduced and punctuated by a haunting, lyrical refrain, this first volume in the Unicorn Chronicles is a great choice for a full-cast production. . . . Engagingly portrayed by young actress Alex Dolbear, Cara faces many dangers. The cliff-hanger chapter endings keep listeners tuned in, and Coville’s reading pace heightens the suspense. . . . This lively audio enhances the print version. Give this to fantasy fans and reluctant listeners. " — Booklist, July 1, 2009

Juliet Dove, Queen of Love
 "...the dialog is voiced by a full cast that brings each character to life with a great deal of verve and skill... ideal for family listening, as there is enough mythology and history to keep it interesting for adults; besides, it's great fun and very charming." — KLIATT, Sep 2004  Starred Review   Read entire review…
 "The audiobook moves along at a good pace with a seamless blend of narration from author Bruce Coville and the full cast acting. Though the story is intended for ages 10 to adult, there’s plenty of intrigue, twists and humor to keep adults interested in the story." — Audiobook Cafe, Mar 2004   Read entire review…
 "This magical journey is delivered in playful tones by an excited sounding cast. Sound effects and musical interludes elevate the magical character of the story." — AudioFile
 "Filled with magic, myth, and humor, this is a rollicking love story that takes you on an unforgettable journey through Greek mythology and allows you to witness a young girl's journey of self discovery. Juliet Dove, Queen of Love is recommended for the whole family." — Large Print Reviews, Apr 2004   Read entire review…

Kissing the Bee
 "A supershort, full-cast recording to hook both reluctant and eager listeners. The story is a realistic, intelligent take on a teen-angst love triangle. . . . Narrators Sarah Gorman (Dana), Adam George (Emil), and Kathleen Wrinn (Avra) provide authentic teen voices that reflect the pain and passion of life in the high-school hive. The actors portraying more minor characters reflect an accurate mix of age and gender, allowing the elegant language to shine through. . . . Give this to listeners seeking a 'good romance.'" — Booklist, March 15, 2009
 "The excellent full-cast narration is perfectly paced. Sarah Gorman as Dana, especially, is able to convey wonder, the delicacy of first love, passion, hesitancy, anger, and alienation. There is elegantly haunting music that plays between chapters which enhances the mood of the whole experience." — School Library Journal, April, 2009
 "Kathe Koja's young adult novels are masterpieces of subtlety, understatement, and the sneaky, skillful use of everyday situations to illustrate large, difficult emotional truths about growing up. Full Cast Audio -- you may know them from their great adaptation of Heinlein's Have Space Suit, Will Travel -- have brought in as talented a team of voice actors as I've heard, and their narration does great things for an already strong narrative." — BoingBoing - Cory Doctorow, July 16, 2009   Read entire review…
 "The bee theme and research are a metaphorical backdrop to the simmering romance and dissolving friendship between queen bee Avra, her boyfriend, Emil, and her best friend, Dana. Kathleen Wrinn does the bossy, petulant Avra annoyingly well. Sarah Gorman's more easygoing Dana is a pleasure to follow even as she copes with the fallout from her realization that romance trumps friendship." — Audiofile, 2009

The Kite Rider
 "...thrills, near-death experiences, and meticulous historical detail of thirteenth-century Chinese culture make this considerably more than a YA novel." — AudioFile
 "Narrator Cynthia bishop is excellent ... the story is so wonderful that the recording will surely grip listeners." — School Library Journal
 "This is a marvelous listening adventure for the entire family. What makes this story an even more spectacular literary event is the recording, which is performed by a cast of 14 actors. The talented troupe makes this comparable to listening to a Broadway play." — KLIATT, Sep 2004  Starred Review   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of The Kite Rider:
 "A marvelous, soaring story that gives you a glimpse into another world." — The Guardian (London)
 "Exuberant, nonstop plotting and supremely colorful setting… grabs hold of readers’ imaginations and doesn’t let go." — Publisher’s Weekly
 "A plot that sweeps readers along like the famous kamikaze wind... Ultimately, the characters transcend all boundaries as their common humanity touches readers' hearts." — School Library Journal
 "McCaughrean fully immerses her memorable characters in the culture and lore of the ancient Chinese and Mongols, which make this not only a solid adventure story but also a window to a fascinating time and place rarely used as a background in children's fiction." — Booklist  Starred Review

The Last Hunt
 "Bruce Coville is both author and main narrator, and he's perfect for the job. As always, the Full Cast Family is splendid at enhancing this multilayered story with countless characters. Along with the ambiguities that accompany battles of good versus evil, there are quotes from Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR and surprising humor. Since the story is lengthy and abounds with details, audio is the perfect format" — AudioFile Magazine, October, 2010   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of The Last Hunt:
 "Continuing a series practice, this finale substantially tops the previous volume’s page count as Coville draws all his characters and plot lines together in a mighty cascade of short chapters to a climactic battle on the alternate world of Luster. Even readers new to the epic will have no trouble following along . . . Audiences fond of tales festooned with words like “ensorcelled,” lines like “Halt! Who seeks to enter the Great Hall of Gnurflax, King of Delvharken?” and names like “Amalia Flickerfoot”—plus magical figures from a comically monkey-like pet and a gryphon with a tender ego to angels (thinly disguised as “Great Powers”), centaurs and, of course, shining, magnificent unicorns aplenty—will be swept along to the grand, hard-fought resolution." — Kirkus Reviews, May 1, 2010
 "This final volume satisfyingly concludes an exciting and intricately plotted series . . . the pace is brisk, with one cliff-hanging adventure following another right up to the climactic conclusion. Events from previous books are mentioned in the narrative, making it not absolutely necessary to have read the other books in order, although that would be ideal. Fans of the series will be delighted." — School Library Journal

The Light Princess
 "This classic fairy tale by a master storyteller deserves a bigger spotlight than it has had in the past, and the Full Cast rendering of this story of a princess who regains her gravity presents the perfect stage. When the king neglects to invite his sister (who is also a witch) to his daughter's christening, the evil aunt takes her revenge. The baby becomes lighter than air and indeed her whole persona is suffused with a lightness that cannot be sad or serious as she grows older. Only when she falls in love and loses her dearest possession does she learn the power of gravity in all of its meanings. Narrator Cynthia Bishop gives the story shape and substance, while Lauren Synger is a standout as the effervescent princess, and Adam Wahlberg's self-sacrificing prince provides just the right touch of melancholy. Original music for the prince's song was composed by Todd Hobin and performed by Wahlberg with a pathos that will linger long after the story's happy conclusion." — Ingram
 "There's no doubt this is an entertaining tale, but it's the narration that really brings this story to life. The cast of nine readers keeps listeners' attention and "just-right" inflections allow full appreciation of the numerous puns and other humorous wordplay found within the text. The prince and princess, voiced by Lauren Synger and Adam Wahlberg, also give an exceptional performance. Synger is especially effective in conveying the unconcerned, shallow attitude of the cursed princess, making it easy to understand the frustrations caused by her "light" affliction. And although I’m certainly no princess, I must say that if the prince looks half as good as he sounds, I think I’d have to fall in love, too." — SelectioNotes - Kentucky Department of Libraries   Read entire review…

A Long Walk to Water
 "Ultimately a story about hope, and the human potential to make the world a better place in spite of the most difficult and terrible of obstacles. Highly recommended, especially for public library audiobook collections." — Library Bookwatch, November, 2013
 "A stirring performance by David Baker and Cynthia Bishop conveys the dramatic stories of two 11-year-old children who lived 10 years apart in war-torn South Sudan. Baker portrays the boy, Salva, with heartrending effectiveness. . . . By contrast, Bishop's unrushed, almost meditative, narration brings out the girl Nya's quiet resilience as she spends her day collecting water for her family. . . . an author's note as well as words by Salva himself, echo the poignance of his story" Earphones Award — AudioFile, October, 2013   Read entire review…
 "A LONG WALK TO WATER is ultimately a story about hope, and the human potential to make the world a better place in spite of the most difficult and terrible of obstacles. Highly recommended, especially for public library audiobook collections." — Library Bookwatch, November, 2013
 Praise for the print version of A Long Walk to Water:
 "[This] spare, hard-hitting novel delivers a memorable portrait of two children in Sudan. . . . Tragic and harrowing." — Publisher's Weekly  Starred Review
 ". . . young readers will be stunned by the triumphant climax of the former refugee who makes a difference with the necessities that we all take for granted. Teachers may want to point out the allusion to Nelson Mandela’s A Long Walk to Freedom (1995) echoed in this moving book’s title." — Booklist  Starred Review
 "This powerful dual narrative packs suspense and introspection into Park's characteristic spare description; while there are lots of details offered to the reader, they come not in long, prosaic lines but in simple, detached observations. Both Salva's and Nya's stories are told with brutal, simple honesty, and they deliver remarkable perspective on the Sudanese conflict." — Bulletin of the Center for Children

Magic Steps
 "Tamora Pierce has written another fantastic tale that takes place in the magical world of Emelan. Courtney Seymour's ethereal voice is perfect for Sandry, a 14-year-old mage whose magical power involves sewing and weaving. Andrew Hughes gives a boyish, mischievous portrayal of 12-year-old Pasco, a reluctant dancing mage who is Sandry's new student. Nearly every character's voice is perfect as Sandry and Pasco deal with murderers and dangerous unmagic to save Emelan." — AudioFile, November, 2011   Read entire review…
 "It was a delight to listen to the author read her book, Magic Steps. She brings her personal voices to the characters in the story and she is clearly passionate about sharing the world of Emelan with listeners. The recording is paced nicely and the many different characters are voiced with a good mix of contrast. The story is sure to appeal to young lovers of fantasy and to fans of Tamora Pierce of all ages." — SoundCommentary, November, 2011
 Praise for the print version of Magic Steps:
 "In vibrant language and with great energy, Pierce spins out the story of Sandry for the Circle Opens quartet. . . . While there is darkness and violence, Sandry works with strength and confidence to overcome them, secure in the love of her uncle and her teachers. It ends well, and with the promise of more stirring tales to come" — Kirkus Reviews
 "Though the pace of the plot is heart quickening, the admirable heroine remains calm, capable, and always ready to giggle. Violent acts are horrifying but are not graphically described. Fans of the previous quartet and new readers alike will immerse themselves in this thrilling tale of magical intrigue." — School Library Journal
 "A fast-paced, engrossing read, sure to satisfy fantasy fans." — Booklist

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel
 "Right away, it’s obvious that author and narrator Nikki Grimes has created a special character. . . . Changing the timbre of her voice to differentiate the two children, Grimes allows listeners to experience their engaging personalities. Grimes dramatizes Dyamonde's perseverance and observant nature, making it fully believable when Free finally warms up to her." — AudioFile, Jan 20, 2011   Read entire review…
 "This series of chapter books for younger readers is off to a great start.  The characters are well-developed and the plot is entertaining. Kids will like Dyamonde and find her relatable.  Nikki Grimes does an excellent job capturing Dyamonde’s voice, both as author and narrator.  Her reading of her own work is flawless and lively. " — SoundCommentary, January, 2011
 "Dyamonde is a take-charge kind of girl who isn’t willing to take “no” for an answer. Over time, the two African-American children discover common threads in their lives and gradually become friends in Nikki Grimes’s beginning chapter book (Puffin, 2010), the first title in a projected series. Read by the author with gentle humor, this delightful book will find an audience with the Junie B. Jones and Clementine set." — School Library Journal, January, 2010
 Praise for the print version of Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel:
 "Clean, direct prose and strong, clear characterizations make this an appealing early chapter book. A welcome addition to the steadily growing list of beginning chapter books with African American protagonists, this is a promising start for the Dyamonde Daniel series" — Booklist
 "Here's hoping this series kick-off leads to many more stories about best friends Dyamonde and Free." — Kirkus Reviews

Melting Stones
 "The audio edition of this work is truly amazing. Like all Full Cast Audio works, each voice in the work is done by a different actor. This makes Melting Stones more like listening to a play rather than having a book read out loud." — SFRevue - Colleen Cahill
 "MELTING STONES was chosen by AudioFile Magazine as one of 2008's Best Audiobooks for Children Ages 8 and Up." — AudioFile
 "This audiobook original, released well before the print version, will please the author's legions of fans. ... [narrator] Kelly delivers a strong performance, and the Full Cast voices align well with their characters. Listeners will especially enjoy the author's participation." — AudioFile, Feb/Mar 2008
 "Almost as prolific as she is popular, Pierce bucks convention and brings this novel to audio a year in advance of its hardcover publication. Once a writer for radio theater, Pierce tailors the narrative to audio, which is evident in the enhanced use of dialogue to convey plot and the streamlined descriptions. ... Production values are consistently high: carefully integrated original music raises the emotional stakes, and a skilled cast delivers full-bodied performances, even making good on lines like 'his voice was as hard as diamonds, and as soft as chalk.'" — Publisher's Weekly
 "The audiobook is done in the distinctive Full Cast Audio style - it’s unabridged, but read by a full cast. I fear sounding like a parrot, but every review I write of a Full Cast Audio audiobook needs to convey the absolute quality of the audio experience that you get with one of these books. Full Cast Audio consistently enhances the text they are performing. Their audiobooks are unique, and a joy to hear. Melting Stones is no exception. Grace Kelly performs Evvy, and therefore has the main narrating duties, since the book is told from Evvy’s point of view. Tamora Pierce wrote her much to work with, and she work with it she does. She offers a captivating and believable performance as the plucky young stone mage. Surrounding her is a large cast that without exception performs well. Seamless editing makes it all work together, making it another excellent piece of work from Full Cast Audio. " — SFFAudio - Scott Danielson   Read entire review…

King Kong
 "A complete, heart-pounding, theatrical experience" — Large Print Reviews
 "[A] unique audio experience—harkens back to the golden age of radio in its style and scope. You feel the heat of the jungle coming through the microphone!" — Bennet Pomerantz, Audioworld
 "With Peter Jackson remaking the film this past winter, other media were sure to follow in producing their own versions of the classic tale King Kong. But of course, few can do it up like Full Cast Audio… With a great story and a great cast, this production will definitely be among personal favorites this year." — Curled Up With A Good Book, Mar 2006   Read entire review…
 "Full Cast Audio has really perfected their style... I marveled at the expert production. The skillful acting, the flawless editing, and the classic story make this a title not to be missed." — SFFAudio, Mar 2006   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of King Kong:
 "A fine job of respecting Cooper's pre-WWII idioms while picking up the pace for a contemporary audience. The result is a book that seems genuine and uncontrived, even as it's timed to coincide with another cinematic remake (Peter Jackson's movie hits theaters in December) of the King Kong story." — Publisher's Weekly, Nov 2005

Miracles on Maple Hill
 "A full cast perfectly conveys the sweetness of this classic... You can feel the deep emotional attachment each cast member brings to this heartfelt production. With its gentle tone, lilting guitar segues, and occasional folksongs, this is a production that evokes the same emotional tenor as Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books. This story is perfect for teachers and parents to share with children, or for a child to snuggle up with alone." Earphones Award Winner — AudioFile, 2005
 "Although intended for children, this is a book that is perfect for family listening. This is a story about caring people, dealing with family and personal issues that are as relevant to today's readers as they were a generation ago." — Large Print Reviews
 "This production shines." — Booklist
 "...springs to life thanks to the spirited participation of the full cast production: what more could one wish for in an audio production? Cynthia Bishop and the Full Cast family do an exquisite job..." — Library Bookwatch, May 2005   Read entire review…
 "...skillfully dramatized by a cast of experienced narrators... Listeners are drawn into the tale of a year in the life of this family as the father slowly regains his strength and confidence... each character is brought to life and given a unique personality and voice. Their expert narration brings this inspiring American classic to life." — School Library Journal, Sep 2005

The Mischief Monster
 "Adventure, magic, and humor abound in this latest Moongobble And Me installment. ... This full-cast audio performance delivers a dynamic and engaging listening experience. " — AudioFile, 2008
 "Plenty of adventure, magic, humor, and plot twists combine to create an appealing and witty fantasy. Narration by Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast Family enhances the listening experience. For group or individual enjoyment." — School Library Journal, June, 2008

The Misfits
 "Thanks to Daniel Bostick's inventive direction of the actors, the presentation soars and entertains." — School Library Journal
 "The full-cast recording yields and authentic middle school setting that listeners, old and young, will recognize." — Booklist
 "Full Cast Audio delivers an outstanding performance for listeners of all ages." — AudioFile

The Moffats
 "The performances are splendid. A woman with a clear and winsome voice performs the narrative. The characters are performed… every bit as winsomely and with great verve." Earphones Award Winner — AudioFile, Mar 2003   Read entire review…
 "...ideal family listening fare" — Booklist, Feb 2003
 "The full cast treatment of this story adds texture and depth to the characters." — Chicago Parent, Feb 2003

The Monsters of Morley Manor
 "The full cast audio version of this madcap adventure will enthrall the listener..." — The Shy Librarian, Dec 2002
 "The cast does an excellent job in conveying this zany tale of fantastical adventure." — School Library Journal, Dec 2002
 "...irresistibly entertaining and constantly surprising, not only for the preteen crowd but for their parents as well." Parents' Pick Award — AudioFile, Feb 2003
 "This fine production will keep families occupied during long car rides... Author Coville's over-the-top reading (he portrays the family leader Gaspar) is especially fun." — Booklist, Nov 2002

The Monsters Ring
 "Impeccable timing and a first-rate cast of clear-voiced actors… Coville's smooth connecting narration keeps hold of the brisk action as Russell's squeaky voice morphs into growling grunts, and his dilemma deepens. Listeners will laugh out loud at the zaniness." — Booklist
 "The Monster's Ring is a great story, that the entire family will find enjoyable. There are a few scary moments, but they are 'just' scary enough to thrill and even the youngest listeners shouldn't find them too scary. Most important, The Monster's Ring is a wonderfully funny and entertaining story that is full of amazingly vibrant descriptions, characters, and imagery." — Large Print Reviews, May 2003   Read entire review…
 "Coville's voice is infused with mystery and fun as he tells the story... Fast paced and full of adventure, this production is sure to please." — AudioFile, Aug 2003   Read entire review…
 "The talented cast of 17 performers also makes this an enjoyable story... Coville’s talent for describing the tiniest of details easily creates the scene in one’s mind." — Audiobook Cafe, Aug 2003   Read entire review…
 "This marvelous audio title is read with great enthusiasm by the author and by a very talented cast of performers of all ages. Listeners will have no trouble believing every word they hear and wishing that they too had a magic shop in their town where one can buy magical supplies which do unusual things." — Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews (audio review)
 "Ideal for family listening ... great fun and very charming!" — KLIATT  Starred Review

My Teacher Is an Alien
 "Author Bruce Coville is among the wonderful performers in this full-cast production. Sixth-grader Susan is shocked when she realizes that her beloved teacher has been abducted by an alien who is now posing as her class's substitute teacher. Narrator Nancy O'Connor brings youthful energy to Susan, a smart girl who prefers fading into the background to battling aliens. . . . With humor and suspense in equal measure, this is an enjoyable family listen." — AudioFile, June 2016
 "Author Coville and his producer, Full Cast Audio, bring all the pleasures of a full-cast performance to this new recording of his amusing 1989 novel. . . .The animated performances are sure to please a new generation of listeners." — Booklist, 2/15/16

The Naughty Nork
 "The fifth in the Moongobble and Edward series opens with sprightly music, which reappears, along with appropriate sound effects, throughout. Edward, who narrates the fantasy, along with being Moongobble's trusty assistant, has an appealing and realistic young boy's voice. Moongobble, Oggledy Nork, and the Rusty Knight are fun to hear as they plan to remove a several-hundred-year-old curse from Nork. Equally engaging are Edward's parents and the old woman of the forest who's vital to lifting the curse. The fairy-tale ending is the perfect conclusion for young listeners." — AudioFile, May, 2014

 "This fanciful animal adventure comes alive in this full-cast production. . . . Musical passages offer transitions and create mood. Sound effects, such as Scatterwings’ snoring and frogs’ bellowing (“like an amphibian pipe organ”), will definitely appeal to young listeners. " — Booklist, September 15, 2009
 "The narrator, Bill Knowlton, does an excellent job of presenting the suspenseful moments. An excellent, entertaining listen for classroom use." — School Library Journal, October, 2009
 "This full-cast audio production chronicles how Nurk faces down his many fears and is able to provide help. Bill Knowlton, a tirelessly enthusiastic reader, sets up the cast's voices well. Everyone’s willingness to enjoy this small story does much to enhance the listener's pleasure in it." — Audiofile
 Praise for the print version of Nurk:
 "Nurk shows heart aplenty in taking on a series of eldritch challenges-and he returns home afterward bolstered by a new self-assurance likely to spur him on in sequels to search for his lost grandparent. Nurk's adventure, and the tone in which it's related, will remind readers of Stuart Little's quest." — Kirkus Reviews, April 15, 2008
 "Fans of Ursula Vernon's offbeat comics series Digger should check out her first children's book, Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures Of A (Somewhat) Brave Shrew (Harcourt). The title doesn't quite tell it all—it leaves out the uniquely Vernon-esque bizarreries, like the talking- salmon tree—but it sums up most of the story, in which a determined but fearful shrew sets out downriver in a caulked snail shell to answer a vague distress call sent by mail. . . . an enjoyably loopy, brilliantly creative kids' book full of fun narrative surprises…" — The Onion A.V. Club Comics Panel, June, 2008

Oddly Enough
 "With characters ranging from brownies to vampires, forest-dwelling sentinels, and fairies, this is a well-paced and enjoyable recording. Bruce Coville himself narrates several stories, and excellent choices were made for other prominent voices." — AudioFile, FEb. 2011   Read entire review…

Oddly Enough
 "Read by Coville and members of the Full Cast Family, each tale is preceded by atmospheric music that sets the mood and is delivered with quiet intensity and just the right amount of suspense and trepidation. These stories, ranging from humorous, wondrous, and poignant, to frightening and downright creepy, are sure to be a hit with listeners." — School Library Journal, April, 2011

Oddly Enough
 "These stories, ranging from humorous, wondrous, and poignant, to frightening and downright creepy, are sure to be a hit with listeners" — School Library Journal, April 28, 2011
 "Highly recommended,especially for public library YA audiobook collections." — Children's Bookwatch, January, 2014
 "These short stories are intriguing and mysterious, full of vampires, angels, brownies and werewolves that children will enjoy. The stories challenge beliefs; teach the importance of standing up for the weak and of speaking out against wrong doing even if the consequences are severe." — SoundCommentary, March, 2011
 Praise for the print version of Oddly Enough:
 "In a concluding note, Coville explains that he never thought of himself as a short story writer. Thank goodness writer-editor Jane Yolen persisted in "thumping him on the head (metaphorically speaking)" so that he would keep writing short fiction. Only three of the nine stories in this collection are first-time publications, but if they are any indication, Coville is really becoming proficient in the genre: "The Language of Blood" is an eerie tale about a ritual of drinking blood; the hilarious "Clean as a Whistle" features a messy girl who inherits a family brownie with a penchant for neatness; and "A Blaze of Glory" concerns a boy's learning about elves and promises from his dying grandmother. An angel, unicorns, ghosts, werewolves, and executioners populate the other equally satisfying and unsettling stories." — Booklist

 "McCaughrean’s language is lyrical and the action and suspense will fascinate young listeners. Narrator Cynthia Bishop establishes an exciting pace, and the full-cast voicing makes the many characters easily recognizable to listeners. A solid choice for school and public libraries." — School Library Journal
 "The legendary voyage of Odysseus will electrify listeners . . . The full cast ensures that each person, god, and specter is distinct. Indeed, with 20 years of adventure to narrate, the cast creates admirable order in the "world-encircled sea." Together McCaughrean and Full Cast Audio evoke the allure of Greek mythology." — AudioFile, 2008
 "This retelling of Homer's classic tale has freshness, vitality, and creative use of language. The Full Cast Audio performance, with original music, brings new life to the many mishaps of Odysseus and his crew on their 20-year journey home from Troy....A great choice for classroom listening." — KLIATT, Final Issue  Starred Review

One-Handed Catch
 "Listening to this book is like falling into a Norman Rockwell painting and getting to live among genuine post-war Americans. Narration by Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast Family is enjoyable and well done. Period music and an interview with the author and her husband, whose childhood inspired the novel, add to this superior production." — School Library Journal, November, 2008
 "Ryan Sparkes captures Norm's myriad emotions in a clear, precise delivery, and his voice is appealing. Secondary characters are equally strong. Listeners will feel this story is immediate and heartfelt, but never sappy." Earphones Award — Audiofile
 "The Full Cast team of readers energizes this historical fiction with superior narration. Particularly noteworthy are teenager Ryan Sparkes as Norm, David Baker as his father (who speaks in a slight German accent), Kate Huddleston as his mother, and Navzad Dabu as his best friend. The story is accompanied by big-band music, reminiscent of the era and old-time radio shows.... A stirring interview with the author and her husband, Herm, the inspiration for the story, is a fine bonus to this recommended title, which is perfect for family car trips. " — Booklist, December 1, 2008  Starred Review

The Patron Saint of Butterflies
 "The story of what happens when a terrible accident threatens to destroy a community is told from two girls' perspectives in alternating chapters, with Lydia Rose Shahan narrating for Agnes and Julie Swenson for Honey. . . . Shahan's and Swenson's well-matched voices smooth the transitions but are different enough that listeners can easily distinguish between Honey and Agnes." — AudioFile, Sept. 2011   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of The Patron Saint of Butterflies:
 "In an exceptional and powerful story of family, friendship, and devotion, Galante draws from her own history of living in a religious commune. . . This grim tale of realistic fiction will have teens enthralled, unable to put the book down until the final page." 5Q, 4P — VOYA, June, 2008

 "The popularity of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series has created strong interest in the Greek myths, and McCaughrean's retelling of the story of Perseus is full of the adventure and details that eager learners crave. Cynthia Bishop's even narration anchors the many twists and turns of Perseus's life . . . the actors who portray Perseus, Dana (his mother), and Andromeda (his wife) enliven the action with their expressive readings, and the actors who portray the oracle, Medusa, and King Polydectes are convincing in their menace. The resulting performance makes the mythical both real and memorable. " — AudioFile, November, 2011
 Praise for the print version of Perseus:
 "Like McCaughrean's Odysseus (2004), this retelling of a Greek myth in the Heroes series makes a thrilling read-aloud. ... It's the rhythmic storytelling of the gruesome and the heroic that will grab kids, whether the focus is on the three monsters sharing one soft, gray, slippery eye, or the brave hero on his quest to find himself." — Booklist

This Title Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website
 "This full-cast recording of Hale’s 2006 Newbery honor book reflects care, with an accomplished narrator and snatches of song that introduce each chapter." — Hornbook (Audio Review)
 "Skilled acting and directing along with perfect music and editing make this production a wondrous experience. Simply excellent, all around." — SFFAudio
 "The casting reveals special care and intelligence in that the voices give dimension to the characters that the story bears out, a remarkable vocal foreshadowing that is due, of course, to the actors' skill. This sweet story will primarily interest 10-14- year-old girls, but even boys may enjoy it (though they may not admit it)." — AudioFile, Feb/Mar 2008
 "Including more than 30 readers, this ambitious production features Jo D’Aloisio in the part of smart and spunky Miri, whose winsome voice reflects confusion over whether she is interested in life as a princess. ... Laura Credidio serves as the book’s narrator, and her softly modulated, upbeat voice reflects the folktale aspect of this historical-fantasy tale. Performer and composer Todd Hobin’s music adds a regal atmosphere, as does Cynthia Bishop’s exquisite a cappella singing. This book meshes perfectly with a full-cast performance,showcasing both the teen and adult voices and the music. " — Booklist, October 1, 2007  Starred Review

Realms of the Gods
 "As a narrator, author Pierce possesses impeccable pacing. Her slow, clear delivery allows listeners to take in the story’s rich settings and magical details. Her dry humor communicates itself through small shifts in tone. When other cast members chime in, the vocal levels remain constant, showing the care invested in the production. Pierce faithfully represents the characters of her story, injecting such quantities of wonder and sadness into her voice that no listener could remain unmoved." — AudioFile Magazine, October, 2010   Read entire review…

The Red-Hot Rattoons
 "Full Cast Audio gives this novel its usual superb attention to detail, with jazzy background music and clever touches such as having Juan the alpaca voiced by a Latino actor. The author capably narrates her enjoyable and spirited story in which the voice actors are uniformly excellent." — School Library Journal
 "Winthrop is assisted by Full Cast Audio’s outstanding narrators. Each brings a quirky addition to this success story. Winthrop also includes some excellent life lessons." — AudioFile, Aug 2004
 "The Red-Hot Rattoons is a perfect story for family listening. The story is uplifting, the characters are lovable, and it is easy to empathize with them. Best yet, the characters in this book are brought to life by actors who are so engrossed in their roles that you forget they are actors, and not the characters that they are portraying. Highly recommended!" — Large Print Reviews, Apr 2004   Read entire review…

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "Unlike some previous Heinlein novels produced by Full Cast Audio, Red Planet is not told in first person by the main character. Instead the voice talent of William Dufris is employed to narrate. I’m a big fan of Dufris’ narrative abilities, and he does a terrific job with Red Planet. Jacob Coppola as Jim Marlowe, and Christopher Reiling as Frank Frank Sutton are both vigorous and youthful but also distinct enough to tell apart. The rest of the cast supports the story with an assortment of villainous, larcenous good humor," SFF Audio Essentials — SFF Audio
 "The actors for Jim and Pete have bright, energetic voices and move things right along. The rest of the cast fills things in nicely, voicing crotchety doctors, noble parents, duplicitous bureaucrats, impatient men of action, and mysterious Martians. . . . an excellent choice for a family car trip." — Audiofile
 " Heinlein’s 1949 novel of a space frontier culture is brought to life with Full Cast Audio’s signature quality of talented voices and an evocative musical score. . . . The masterful William Dufris, director and main narrator, pulls listeners into the stories with his deep, smooth voice." — Publisher's Weekly, March, 2009

 "The timely topic and fast-moving plot will keep kids engaged in the story.  The issues addressed will resonate with many children and are made all the more accessible as seen through the eyes of such interesting, well-developed characters.  Their voices really shine, especially as brought to life by author Nikki Grimes’s narration." — SoundCommentary, January, 2011
 "Nikki Grimes’s beginning chapter book (Putnam, 2009) features inviting characters, an engaging story, and a look at the challenges of poverty. It also poses the question: What makes one truly rich? The rhythm, pacing, and tone of Grimes’s narration is captivating," — School Library Journal, January, 2010
 "Grimes portrays Dyamonde'’s infectious personality as she finds poetry in the most unexpected place and inspires Damaris to write with her heart. Grimes crisply weaves a story of friendship, trust, and poetry, and her straightforward delivery makes it ring true." — AudioFile, Jan 13, 2011   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Rich:
 "Featuring several of the same vividly drawn African American characters as the first book in the Dyamonde Daniel series, the second volume looks at the sensitive issues of poverty and homelessness from different angles and in a reassuringly matter-of-fact way." — Booklist
 "Fast-paced, believable urban school situations...make this a particularly relevant series entry for chapter-book readers." — Kirkus Reviews

This Title Now Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website
 "This full-cast production makes Hale's story sparkle with dialogue and snappy, humorous exchanges between characters like Razo, Enna, and Dasha, an ambassador's daughter. The cast's varied voices and spontaneous-sounding interactions add depth and drama to the production." — Audiofile   Read entire review…
 "The solid and well-paced narration by Mark Allen Holt is augmented by distinct voice actors for all the characters. This talented cast, headed by Seth Jackson as Razo, brings out the emotion, adventure, humor, and romance of the story. . . . a very memorable listening experience." — School Library Journal, October, 2009  Starred Review
 "[Mark] Holt takes on the role of principal narrator in this multicast production. His reading is dramatic and upbeat and filled with suspense. The cast features age-appropriate narrators, including Chelsea Mixon in the role of Enna and Seth Jackson as Razo . . . The characters are easily distinguished in this complex fantasy." — Booklist, August 2009
 "Mark Allen Holt skillfully narrates the story as Razo, allowing listeners to feel his insecurities and suspicions. The rest of the full cast breathes life into the remaining characters, as the music used throughout the recording lends an authentic and sometimes ominous feel to the story. The third book in the Books of Bayern Series is a great addition to any YA Audio book collection." — Sound Commentary, 1/1/2010   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of This Title Now Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website:
 "As in the companion books, this high fantasy is rich in detail and lyrical in writing. While it helps to have read the two previous books, River Secrets stands on its own. But fans of the genre will no doubt rejoice in immersing themselves in this magical world by reading all three." — School Library Journal
 "The expertly chosen, often poetic details set and pace the story, and the fully drawn characters, whose dialogue crackles with wit, will point readers to the underlying themes of cultural prejudice and the corruption of power that touch on contemporary political debates. Suspenseful, magical, and heartfelt, this is a story that will wholly envelop its readers." — Booklist  Starred Review

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "Not long ago FULL CAST AUDIO contacted us, and gave us a heads-up - a new Robert A. Heinlein novel was coming. I was blown away by their first Heinlein adaptation so I tried to keep my expectations reasonable. "Lightning can't strike twice", I told myself. "Just be happy that it is being released. That's what you asked for and that's what you got. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't live up to your expectations." I needn't have worried. The Rolling Stones is as good as the superb full cast reading of Have Space Suit, Will Travel - maybe even a little better! ... Please FULL CAST AUDIO keep recording these Heinlein juvenile novels. I'd like to say I deserve it, but even if I don't the novels sure do!" — SFFAudio, July, 2005

Rubber Houses
 "Chelsea Mixon voices Kit perfectly, doing a marvelous job of presenting the girl's emotions without becoming maudlin. . . . this powerful novel handles a very difficult issue with great finesse." — School Library Journal, April, 2010
 "In the spare language of free verse, Yeomans recounts the impact of a child's fatal illness on the family left behind. Chelsea Mixon's narration embraces the language, creating a story that is told primarily through emotion. The rest of the cast, who deliver the words of Buddy and his parents, friends, and doctors, enhance the story like chords building on a tune." — AudioFile, March, 2010   Read entire review…
 "A fine recording of a gentle book. " — Booklist, March 1, 2010
 Praise for the print version of Rubber Houses:
 "Sixteen-year-old Kit's normal, happy life is over when her younger brother is diagnosed with leukemia. A feisty eight-year-old kid who loves baseball, Buddy is Kit's good friend and soul mate, one she is robbed of when he dies. Yeomans weaves the baseball metaphor throughout free-verse poems to trace Buddy's decline to the poignant conclusion, "I'm calling the game." Yet the baseball year--and the book--is only half over. Kit and her parents struggle through postseason bereavement to spring training and develop a way of living without Buddy. The interesting plot structure works surprisingly well with both the topic and the narrative style. It also enhances the realistic portrayal of a family, grief stricken and out of balance, struggling to come back after a losing season." — Booklist

Sandrys Book
 "Sandry's Book is a wonderful fantasy story and the Full-Cast Audio presentation puts listeners right in the middle of the action. This is less a reading of the book than a full-blown radio production with different actors portraying the different characters. Voices are full of expression and pacing is brisk. The narrator is the author herself, and Bruce Coville provides one of the voices. The tape includes an author interview explaining where she first got the idea for the series. This enthralling production will be enjoyed by both children and adults." 3 Librarian's Eyeglasses (Highest Rating) — The Shy Librarian, Spring 2003
 "Full Cast Audio used almost 30 actors in this presentation, and the result is an exceptional match between the voices and the character descriptions, including children's characters being voiced by children. The resulting authenticity helps bring the world of Emelan to life. High production values are also seen in the musical accents and sound quality." — AudioFile, Nov 2002   Read entire review…

Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)
 "...the spirit and essentials of the story and characters are well conveyed, and this production would be an excellent introduction to the plays for students or adults who are not familiar with them... Highly recommended for school and public libraries." — KLIATT, May 2004  Starred Review   Read entire review…
 "he large and versatile cast gives energetic renderings of the text, while Cynthia Bishop and Coville skillfully narrate the stories... School and public libraries will reap satisfying rewards with this appealing recording." — School Library Journal

 "The full-cast narration is splendid. The major characters are wonderfully portrayed and minor characters are memorable. This is one of those rare instances where the sequel is even better than the original. An essential purchase." — School Library Journal, July, 2008
 "David Kelly and the Full Cast ensemble masterfully create engaging and unique characters that pull listeners into Matt's high-flying world of excitement, adventure, and danger." A 2009 Amazing Audiobooks Selection — Amazing Audiobooks Committee
 "Kelly is a good match for the earnestly youthful Matt. The other readers portray a kaleidoscope of colorful characters. Lauren Synger’s mincing whinny represents Miss Simpkins in her struggles to maintain proper decorum at 20,000 feet, and Victor Lazarow reflects the haughty tones of Captain Tritus, who attempts to woo Kate, voiced by Claire McAuliffe, who alternates between brittle sophistication and petulant childishness. Even incidental characters sparkle: Chef Vlad is suitably outrageous in Daniel Bostick’s rendition, and first-mate Dorje is recognizably from the Himalayan region as read by Ashish Maskey. Music introduces and concludes each CD, and occasionally punctuates dramatic passages. Infrequent but well-chosen sound effects round out this thrilling above-the-clouds escapade in a deftly realized alternate world." — Booklist, July 1, 2008
 "This full-cast recording is lively and suspenseful. David Kelly takes the lead as Matt, whom he plays as a somewhat young 16-year-old with an enthusiasm for adventure. He can be stricken by adolescent pangs of jealousy, but he has a cool head in moments of trouble. Other members of the cast are also strong and combine to present a good audiobook for family listening." — AudioFile

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
 "Full Cast Audio evokes the humorous growing pains of Scott, his friends, and family. Ryan MacConnell does an especially good turn at portraying Scott as a smart, wry young man wondering how to convert these unpopular traits into assets... This excellent production will keep all listeners awake, even sleeping freshmen." — AudioFile, Oct 2006   Read entire review…
 "'Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie' by David Lubar (Full Cast Audio, 2006) has nonlisteners wondering why the kid with the earbuds is laughing so hard" — SLJ Extra Helping, March, 2009
 Praise for the print version of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie:
 "The novel's absurd, comical mood is evident in its entries, like ‘Scott Hudson's List of Good Things about Getting Beat Up,’ and jabs at the fetus (‘I hope we can recover our investment [in baby furniture] when I sell you.’). The author brings the protagonist to three-dimensional life by combining these introspective musings with active, hilarious narration. Scott's character arc is extremely satisfying as he develops his true strengths over the nine months of school and the pregnancy. His interactions with the school delinquent and the heavily pierced new girl are fresh and subtle." — School Library Journal

Song of the Wanderer
 "...Coville knows his stuff and is a splendid reader. And, as usual, the fine members of the Full Cast Audio repertory company do a smashing job." — Audiobook Cafe, Mar 2004   Read entire review…
 "This superb production will enthrall young readers and their parents alike." Earphones Award Winner — AudioFile, Sep 2002   Read entire review…
 "Briskly paced, emotionally moving, and featuring compelling female characters." — School Library Journal

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "Modern listeners will find this dramatization of this classic science fiction adventure as appealing as have readers over the years since it was first published in 1948.  The fully voiced reading by a cast of different readers brings each character to life very effectively and appropriate sound effects add much to the adventures." — SoundCommentary, November, 2012   Read entire review…
 "The cast, particularly Matt‚ the lead character, carries the story with great verisimilitude. Co-cadet Tex, for example, is a big guy from Texas who sounds both big and Texan. Officers sound authoritative, and the voices of dropouts have a whiny edge. Snippets of music punctuate the chapters; the whole thing is a masterful job all around." — AudioFile, October, 2012   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order:
 "The lively story of a group of boys--Matt and Tex, from Terra; Oscar, from Venus; Pierre, from one of Jupiter's moons; and others--who train to uphold the peace of the solar system. This account of their training and their subsequent adventures is good, colorful fiction by an author who can write it ably and entertainingly." — Chicago Tribune

Space Station Rat
 "Daniel Bostick’s excellent narration perfectly captures the essence of each character and will enthrall listeners." — School Library Journal, August, 2010
 "Narrator Daniel Bostick, a passionate stage performer, studied acting in NYC and in England, and was a student of famed British actress Rosemary Harris. Here he does a great job giving each character a distinct voice. His excellent narration, the fast-moving plot, and relatable characters make this an enjoyable audiobook that will keep kids engaged." — SoundCommentary, October, 2010
 "Daniel Bostick, who produces many of Bruce Coville’s stellar productions, rightly gives Rat a reasonable voice while Jeff has a combination of adolescent whine and boyish enthusiasm....This is the most appealing rat to appear in public since Disney's "Ratatouille." Young listeners will want (I can't believe I'm saying this) rats of their own by the time a meteor shower threatens rodent and boy alike." Earphones Award — AudioFile Magazine   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Space Station Rat:
 "Short, snappy sentences, appealing characters, and tension between Nanny and Jeff combine with constant threats of ship malfunctions and Rat's struggle to survive to create a fast-paced story sure to please sf buffs." — Booklist
 "A thoughtful and satisfying adventure for middle grade science-fiction fans." — School Library Journal

Spilling Ink
 "Authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter give kids insight into the writing process. The conversational tone of their essays on topics like generating ideas, plotting, and revision is reinforced by their own reading of their work . . . a useful and entertaining guide for writers of any age." — AudioFile, January, 2012

Spilling Ink
 "Authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter give kids insight into the writing process. The conversational tone of their essays on topics like generating ideas, plotting, and revision is reinforced by their own reading of their work. . . . a useful and entertaining guide for writers of any age." — AudioFile, January, 2012   Read entire review…

Spilling Ink
 Praise for the print version of Spilling Ink:
 "…this book will be terrific for both libraries and classrooms. Mazer and Potter undoubtedly had a good time writing this guide and clearly know their audience." — VOYA, April, 2010

Spilling Ink
 Praise for the print version of Spilling Ink:
 "Two fine writers put their heads together and come up with an equally fine guide to their craft for beginners." — Booklist
 "Books on how to write can be boring, but this one is packed with funny tales from the authors’ lives, lively examples, cheerful illustrations, and practical advice. These authors know that writing should be fun, and they remind us on every page. If telling stories is your thing, this is definitely your book." — Discovery Girls Magazine

Spilling Ink
 Praise for the print version of Spilling Ink:
 "Books on how to write can be boring, but this one is packed with funny tales from the authors’ lives, lively examples, cheerful illustrations, and practical advice. These authors know that writing should be fun, and they remind us on every page. If telling stories is your thing, this is definitely your book." — Discovery Girls, Aug/Sept 2010
 "Two fine writers put their heads together and come up with an equally fine guide to their craft for beginners." — Booklist, March 1, 2010

Spilling Ink
 Praise for the print version of Spilling Ink:
 "Practical and delightful…this book will be a terrific for both libraries and classrooms." — VOYA

Spilling Ink
 Praise for the print version of Spilling Ink:
 "Even students who never thought of writing, or dread the thought of writing, might want to try it as they read the ideas and suggestions packed into this book…The book’s gems are also useful for teachers looking for new ways to get their students writing." — Library Media Connection, May/June 2010

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
 "David Baker flawlessly narrates the story ... a great way to introduce young listeners to a Heinlein classic." — Booklist
 "This superb full-cast narration of Heinlein's classic will appeal to most science fiction aficionados. ... listeners will be drawn into a seamless and dramatic performance. Gems of the recording include narrator David Baker whose omniscient tones weave the other voices together, and Rodney Hudson, as Undersecretary Kiku, whose exotic accent and keen political wisdom make him unforgettable. ... Excellent pacing and a story for those of all ages round out a notable audiobook." Earphones Award — AudioFile, Aug/Sep 2007

 "David Kelly, who has performed on several Full Cast Audio productions, superbly reprises his role as Matt. The other cast members also do an excellent job, making this exciting and engaging to listen to. Sound effects and music are well-placed and seamless. The recording has something for everyone: thrilling adventure, light romance, and plenty of humorous moments. Highly recommended for all ages." A 2010 "Best of the Best" Title! — SoundCommentary, June 1, 2010  Starred Review
 "The action never stops in this hair-raising adventure. This time Matt and Kate are on a trip to outer space. Even those who haven’'t listened to the first two books, AIRBORN and SKYBREAKER, will become entranced by the likable and quirky characters. . . . The combination of a great story and distinctive narrations makes this selection a “don’t miss." Earphones Award — AudioFile Magazine, July, 2010   Read entire review…
 "Steampunk takes to outer space with equal measures of romance and high adventure in a multivoiced production bolstered by stirring music and atmospheric sound effects. . . . The cast milks every ounce of humor out of this fantasy adventure. Especially noteworthy is Daniel Bostick’s hilarious portrayal of mad chef Vlad, a reprisal of his role. A surefire YA favorite, this is most appropriate for family listening." — Booklist, Jan. 1, 2011
 Praise for the print version of Starclimber:
 "Oppel's books are equally notable for their action-packed plots and superb characterization, a combination that is not always easy to find in the fantasy/science fiction genre. Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries are back for their third adventure...and, not surprisingly, their relationship is pushed to the limits right along with their adrenaline.... True to form, Matt and Kate rise to the challenges, emerging victorious in life—and in love." — Hornbook
 "Once again, Oppel has assembled intriguing characters, especially Matt's fellow astralnauts, who populate a fast-paced narrative that features enough unpredictable plot twists to keep readers riveted to Matt's story to the finish." — Kirkus Reviews
 " This sequel to Airborn and Skybreaker continues the fabulous adventures of Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries. In classic steampunk fashion, this book blends the best of Victorian society and science fiction.... Starclimber is a thrilling roller-coaster ride of a book, full of humor and derring-do and guaranteed to keep readers up long past midnight." — School Library Journal  Starred Review

Stop the Train!
 "Ellen Myrick’s narration is spot-on in this rollicking story of pioneer times. The Full Cast Family delivers all the emotions of families struggling to build a new life in a new land. They arrive in Florence to stake claims at the start of the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush, discovering that it is up to them to create the community that currently is just a dream in the dust. Hardships arise when the train bypasses Florence because the settlers won’t sell their claims to the railroad. Hilarity ensues as various plans are hatched to force the train to stop. Hope wins out when success comes in a satisfying ending in which all sides win." — AudioFile, 2006
 "Students will gain new understanding of the hardships of westward expansion and the control exercised by the railroads over the lives of the settlers in this engaging novel of the Oklahoma land rush. A full cast of excellent narrators, including children, and an original musical score transport listeners to the old West. " — Teacher Librarian, Feb. 2008

Street Magic
 "Evvy is excellently voiced by Grace Kelly. She gives Evvy a sometimes petulant, often fierce expression that perfectly reflects the young, world-wary orphan.... The story moves along at a good pace; the remaining cast members enliven the action. Asian-themed music cues listeners in on breaks in the narrative as well as chapter beginnings. Another winning Full Cast title." — Booklist, October, 2006
 "This Full Cast Audio production manages Pierce's large cast of characters well, with especially believable performances for main characters like put-upon but good-natured Briar, distrustful Evvy, and short-tempered Rosethorn. ... Narrator Bruce Coville's pleasant delivery still manages to turn up the tension and highlight plot twists while illuminating the humor and wisdom of Pierce's vision." — AudioFile, Feb/Mar 2007

sun moon stars rain
 "Jan Cheripko's novel blends routine occurrences such as death, romance, and soul-searching into a wonderful, heart-wrenching story filled with tragedy and the search for meaning in one's life. . . . The full cast narration is excellent." — School Library Journal, August, 2008
 "Murphy's well-placed inflections and tones meticulously convey Danny's emotions and angst. The other readers in this full-cast ensemble capture the essence of the characters through consistent and expressive readings. David Baker is particularly noteworthy in his voicing of good-hearted though flawed Benji Samuels . . . The background music is a haunting, subtle enhancement, never disrupting the flow of the narrative." — Booklist, June, 2008  Starred Review
 "The prose is poetic, and the cast does a professional job of breathing life into the story. Spencer Murphy is believable as Danny, a young man on the verge of adulthood who is wrestling with grief, guilt, and God. Carmen Viviano Craft also gives an outstanding performance as Stephanie, a waitress with a past who catches Danny's eye. Musician Todd Hoban enhances the atmosphere with Bach, Sibelius, and some original keyboard work." — AudioFile

 "Geraldine McCaughrean's accessible retelling of the tale (Cricket, 2005) about Theseus brings to life the handsome, talented son of King Aegeus of Athens who slays the Minotaur (among his many accomplishments), is loved by Ariadne and the Amazon Queen Hippolyte, and finally gets his recompense from the curse that he asks the gods to place upon his beloved son. Cynthia Bishop narrates, and the full cast makes each of the characters unique with their own flaws and agendas." — School Library Journal, May, 2009
 "Bishop's narration manages to balance a godly regal elegance with the enthusiastic breathlessness of fandom, creating a perfect frame to showcase the ensemble group of readers. Mark Austin, as Theseus, excellently portrays an egotistic yet innocently beguiling strongman. He shouts the hero's trademark refrain to the gods, "Did you see? Were you watching?" with whiz-bang joy. ... This enjoyable audio will find plenty of takers." — Booklist, April 15, 2009
 "With a light and animated feel, Mark Austin and the Full Cast crew read award-winning British children's author Geraldine McCaughrean's witty and poetic retelling of Theseus's long life of battling monsters, tragic mishaps, and lost loves. In this bold and cautionary tale, the brash, egotistical Theseus turns out to be one of the more complex, human, and star-crossed characters in Greek myth." — Audiofile, July, 2009   Read entire review…
 "Superbly narrated by Cynthia Bishop . . . Highly recommended for listeners from 9 to 90, 'Theseus' will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to school and community library audio book collections." — Midwest Book Review, August 2009

Thors Wedding Day
 "Thor's Wedding Day is solid, family-friendly entertainment that is dynamic, humorous, and it will have you heartedly rooting for Thialfi and his talking-goats as they help Thor get his hammer back!" — Large Print Review (audio review), April, 2006

Triss Book
 "The full cast is effective in portraying this unique world. Each voice is distinct and matches its character well..." — AudioFile, May 2004   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Triss Book:
 "Pierce skillfully develops her secondary characters while allowing Tris to take center stage, and smoothly advances the plot. A cut above many fantasies for the age group." — Booklist
 "Pierce has created another gripping adventure that's sure to please her many fans." — School Library Journal

Tunnel in the Sky
 "David Baker supplies a solid narrative foundation while the cast of Full Cast Audio provides more than two-dozen clear and separate teenaged character voices that capture the youthful, wide-eyed spirit of this 1955 sci-fi classic. Heinlein is a master at using dialogue to present his ideals and philosophies, and when TUNNEL IN THE SKY is heard aloud, one hears the optimism, vision, and smart swagger that are the hallmarks of his best work." — AudioFile, October, 2011   Read entire review…
 "The reading is well directed so that it captures the conflicts, the dangers, and the triumphs of Roderick and his companions." — SoundCommentary, January, 2012
 Praise for the print version of Tunnel in the Sky:
 "Fascinating...ingenious....A book in the grand tradition of high literature. " — New York Times

United Tates of America
 "Carmen Viviano-Crafts accurately captures the emotions of the adolescent protagonist. An unforgettable audiobook." — Booklist, Jan 2003
 "Skate's appealing language and convincing feelings come through clearly, thanks both to Paula Danziger's terrific ear for the age group and the outstanding quality of the audio narration by Carmen Viviano-Crafts, a teen who brings Skate to life enthusiastically." — School Library Journal
 "Funny, real, and like, totally sixth grade, "United Tates" is a great place to visit." — AudioFile, Mar 2003   Read entire review…
 "This production of United Tates of America is read by a full cast featuring Carmen Viviano-Crafts as Skate... Combined, their reading of this intriguing story is dynamic, and it will delight audiences of all ages." — Large Print Reviews, Dec 2002   Read entire review…

Water Steps
 "Author LaFaye reads in a believable fashion, deftly adding lyrical Irish accents to Pep and Mem. . . . Dedicated to 'every kid who faces a fear and finds a little magic,' the book translates well to audio." — Booklist, Nov. 15, 2010
 "Award winning author Alexandra LaFaye's reading of her "realistic fantasy" is phenomenal. The listener feels as though he/she is in the physical presence of the characters, hearing Kyna's thoughts, and listening in on conversations between Kyna and her parents and friend, Tylo." — SoundCommentary, August, 2010
 "Despite its short length, this is a wonderfully rich tale of a girl who learns to overcome both her deepest fear and her long unaddressed grief. As narrator, LaFaye seems to move effortlessly from character to character: the young, uncertain Kyna; the impulsive, riotous Tylo; and the lyrical-sounding adoptive grandparents, Mem and Pep." — AudioFile Magazine, October, 2010   Read entire review…
 Praise for the print version of Water Steps:
 "Kyna's struggles to take "water" (baby) steps and move through her fear will resonate with many kids who are wrestling overwhelming fears of their own... a satisfying journey to hope and understanding." — Booklist, March 15, 2009
 "The language is almost poetic with its use of sensory detail, alliteration, and precise word choices. A satisfying story of overcoming one's fears and discovering secrets." — School Library Journal, September, 2009
 "Realistic fiction takes an unexpected turn into fantasy in LaFaye's lyrical exploration of a girl coping with her fear of water. . . .The final, magical revelation about Mem and Pep's identity will come as much of a surprise to readers as it does to Kyna." — Publisher's Weekly, April 27, 2009

The Weeping Werewolf
 "The Weeping Werewolf is a fun and thrilling story that will delight youngsters as well as older family members... Recommended listening for the entire family." — Large Print Reviews
 "...a snappy story line and the judicious use of music and sound effects make for a satisfying whole." — AudioFile, Dec 2005
 "This light-hearted, well-performed production will be welcomed by young Moongobble fans" — School Library Journal, Oct 2005

What I Call Life
 "Full Cast Audio does an extraordinary job of bringing Jill Wolfson's debut novel to life." — AudioFile, 2005
 "Listeners accustomed to adult readers imitating youngsters will be pleasantly surprised to hear a youngster (Grace Kelly) reading the narrator role and that of 11-year-old protagonist Cal Lavender....Cal is moved to a group home, after her unstable mother causes an incident in the library. Here she meets four other girls and a kind, elderly caretaker known as the Knitting Lady. The Knitting Lady speaks with a slight stammer, which reader Caroline Fitzgerald subtly injects into her exquisite performance. Initially, her slightly craggy voice is a little off-putting, but it slowly grows on you and soon you will agree that no one else could play the Knitting Lady with such authenticity." Booklist Editor's Choice — Booklist, November 15, 2006  Starred Review
 "The unusual mix of personalities at the Pumpkin House makes this an extraordinarily interesting story. Through her storytelling, the Knitting Lady helps the girls come to accept themselves, despite their problems. The Full Cast Family provides a splendid performance. Vaudeville style piano music punctuates the beginning and end of chapters. A good addition to middle school and public library collections" — School Library Journal
 "With richly drawn characters that are all dealing with their own levels of denial and life-changing realities, listeners will become emotionally invested themselves. The full cast of actors adds dimensions to the telling that make this marvelous audio one that should not be missed. Each vocal performance is intimate, real, and passionate making it feel very much like a life being lived right along with the characters. The emotion, tension, sadness, and ultimate hopefulness are all flawlessly conveyed. Cal Lavender’s life will never be the same and neither will the lives of listeners. Highly recommended for school and public libraries and for family road trips." — KLIATT
 Praise for the print version of What I Call Life:
 "A grand-slam homerun, Wolfson’s first novel depicts wonderfully kooky characters with fast pacing and witty dialogue that realistically portray the emotional growth in severely damaged children, keeping readers laughing and crying throughout. " 5Q, 5P — VOYA
 "Wolfson paints her characters with delightful authenticity. Her debut novel is a treasure of quiet good humor and skillful storytelling that conveys subtle messages about kindness, compassion, and the gift of family regardless of its configuration" — Booklist  Starred Review

Wild Magic (The Immortals, Book 1)
 "This full-cast performance of the book is a joy to listen to." — School Library Journal, Oct 2005
 "This reading bewitches, as if a magical wand is reaching out to touch listeners and pull them in." — KLIATT  Starred Review
 "Tamora Pierce leads in narrating this exciting tale, which is lovingly detailed and populated by a cast of almost thirty people." — AudioFile, Feb 2006
 "Full Cast Audio does a fantastic job of bringing Ms. Pierce’s book to audio life. In particular, I need to note Daniel Bostick who played Numair the Mage. His voice built pictures in my head every time his character spoke." — SFFAudio

The Will of the Empress
 "Issues such as sexual identity and personal independence are seamlessly woven into the rich fabric of the fantasy, making this title a solid choice for high school and public libraries." — School Library Journal, August 2007
 "Full Cast Audio works closely with Pierce to transfer her novels to audio productions. So it's no wonder that this audiobook is a superb result of this partnership." — AudioFile, 2007
 "The Will of the Empress has been issued in a marvelous audio edition that is read by a full cast of actors, including Pierce reading the part of the narrator! This audio edition is complete with sound effects and music, and it is like listening to all your favorite characters come to life! If you are not familiar with the earlier series, never fear, as this is a stand-alone book." — Large Print Review (audio review), March 26, 2007
 Praise for the print version of The Will of the Empress:
 "How well word-mage Pierce understands what her audience wants, and how ably she provides it in this epic postscript to her two Circle quartets… A standalone tour de force, this will gratify Circle devotees and ensnare new readers for the series." — Booklist  Starred Review
 "A delightful page-turner." — KLIATT  Starred Review

Wolf Speaker
 "Full Cast Audio does a commendable job with this huge cast, which includes animals, humans, and immortals. The range of voices is as broad as the characters, with the main narrator continually adopting a style that matches the pace of the action. In addition to Daine, the most fascinating character is Kitten, a baby dragon. Young listeners will be enchanted." — AudioFile   Read entire review…

The Year We Disappeared
 Praise for the print version of The Year We Disappeared:
 "Cylin speaks with a voice of innocence shattered as she struggles to comprehend what happened to her family and why her friends have abandoned her. When the town balked at the continuing expense of providing personal protection and the constant fear brought the family to the breaking point, the Busbys went into hiding, seeking a return to some semblance of normalcy. The page-turner pace is frequently interrupted by awkwardly placed flashbacks to moments in John's police work, but, ultimately, this is a story of survival and triumph." — School Library Journal
 "In alternating chapters, John and Cylin Busby tell the story of John’s ordeal and the devastating impact on his family. John’s laconic, just-the-facts-ma’am style underscores the horror he was enduring, while Cylin’s perspective drives home the fear and emotional misery the family suffered. The appalling physical injuries may deter the squeamish, but this riveting story will stay with readers, particularly its message that John’s anger and desire for revenge were the hardest wounds to heal." — Booklist

 Praise for the print version of You:
 "Wanna know who the real bad guys in your school are? Read You. This book will keep you reading, and then it will start you thinking. And talking. You is good stuff. —Chris Crutcher, Margaret A. Edwards Award–winning author of Deadline" — Chris Crutcher
 "Zack is a theatrical, Iago-like villain, and he makes a great foil to Kyle's antihero in their twisted relationship. This is a brutal, fast, and satisfying read." — Booklist
 "A sandstorm of a novel, as harshly real as hell or high school. I loved it. — Robert Lipsyte, Margaret A. Edwards Award–winning author of The Contender and Center Field" — Robert Lipsyte
 "A sense of doom pervades this gripping YA debut from adult mystery writer Benoit, made all the more devastating by an empathetic main character. Second-person omniscient narration invites readers into Kyle's grim story: "Welcome to the official start of tenth grade. Welcome to the last year of your life." . . . Kyle's internal thought processes (frequent lists, parental nagging, one-sided conversations) convey a conflicting swirl of emotions--rage, distrust, betrayal, empathy, and love--while an overarching defeatism prevents him from acting on constructive impulses. Disturbing content blends with skillful, fast-paced writing, adding a thriller spin to the novel's vicious realism." — Publisher's Weekly, September 6, 2010  Starred Review
 "Benoit creates a fully realized world where choices have impact and the consequences of both action and inaction can be severe." — School Library Journal
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