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Are you ever going to record COLD FIRE and SHATTERGLASS?

Versions of this (“Why haven’t you . . .?” “Did you ever . . . ?”) are hands down the most common questions that pop up on our Facebook page these days. As to the why haven’t we, the answer is simple, and sad. We ran out of money. The 2008 economic meltdown, plus a back-stabbing by a corporate partner, hit FCA really hard. But, as I like to say, we ain’t dead yet! Tammy and I have talked many times about trying to do these. And, yes, we have discussed doing a Kickstarter if we ever do decide to tackle them. However the barrier isn’t only financial. Inertia is a factor as well. Getting projects this big into motion would take a huge amount of effort, since I no longer have a full support team in place, and we would have to gather an enormous team of actors. So for now I’m sticking to shorter projects with smaller cast. Even so, I haven’t given up on the idea of returning to the Circle World!

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