Book of Job, The

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by Full Cast Audio

Job is a good and prosperous man, possible the best man of his time. Then, without warning, all that he has worked for is stripped from him in a sudden series of terrible disasters.

Three friends come to visit, supposedly to comfort him. But their accusations that Job must somehow have brought these calamities upon himself spark a debate.

As the four men dispute, in public, the nature of Job’s suffering they delve into ancient questions about the nature of man’s relationship to the Almighty, questions that can only be resolved by the Almight himself.

Experience the power, passion, and poetry of one of the Bible’s most extraordinary stories as never before in this full cast presentation, which is anchored by a remarkable performance from Gerard Moses, who brings depth and dimension to Job, a good man struggling to keep his faith in the face of unbearable calamity.

This is a recording to listen to over and over, for each new hearing will give you additional insight into the mysteries and wonders of this sacred text.

Author Full Cast Audio
Narrator Gerard Moses, Cynthia Bishop
Length 2 hrs and 14 mins
© Copyright 2004 Full Cast Audio
℗ Audio Copyright 2004 Full Cast Audio
Meet the Cast:
Bill Molesky Bildad the Shuhite
Bob Moss Eliphaz the Temanite
Cynthia Bishop Narrator
Gerard Moses Job
Margie Johnson Job’s Wife
Peter Moller Zophar the Naamathite
Mark Holt Elihu
Todd Hobin Messenger
Bruce Coville Messenger
Richard McKee The Lord
Daniel Bostick Satan


“This full cast performance, led by Gerard Moses as Job, gives new dimension to the calamities and unwavering faith of a good man… The tale builds in intensity as the voices rise in pitch, and ends with a resounding affirmation of faith.” — KLIATT, Nov 2005

“Singularly effective is actor Gerard Moses’ mesmerizing portrayal of Job, which at turns bespeaks his emotions of despair, sadness, and hope while capturing the rich, poetic language.” — BOOKLIST, Aug 2005

“This is a forceful, passionate, and soul shaking story, and the Full Cast Audio production will bring the story into your home, and into your heart, in a way never before experienced. No matter what your faith or religious beliefs, you’ll find this audio production of The Book of Job both entertaining and awe inspiring.” — Large Print Reviews, 06/13/2005

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  3. The Book of Job - sample 3 0:59

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