Buddha Boy

by Kathe Koja

With his shaved head and begging bowl the new kid is an automatic target for the bully boys of Edward Rucher High, an easy mark for their casual cruelty.

Watching this, Justin would gladly stay as far from the newcomer as possible, until their economics teacher pairs them for a project and he finds himself becoming fascinated by the kid the others mock as “Buddha Boy”. The thing is, friendship with an outcast always carries a price, and soon Justin must decide if he can stay silent in the face of what he knows.

A scorching portrait of contemporary high school life, featuring a character listeners will never forget.

Author Kathe Koja
Narrator Spencer Murphy
Length 2 hrs and 48 mins
© Copyright 2003 Kathe Koja
℗ Audio Copyright 2004 Full Cast Audio

Meet the Cast:

Brenna Briski Waitress
Graydon Brown Tim Elder, John Kindel
Chris Carpenter Jakob
Leonard Fonte Mr. Freeberg
Shawn Galloway Dad
Moe Harrington Ms. Keller
Emily Holgate Megan
Jeff Izant McManus
Mercedes Johnson LaRhonda
Tyler McAndrew Josh Winston
Spencer Murphy Justin
Lisa Porter Audrey
Mike Stevens Jinsen
Hugh Stone Fish Magnur
Thea Van Der Ven Aunty
Karl Wildman Mr. Snell
Kathryn Yohe Cheerleader
Ensemble: Daniel Bostick
Bruce Coville
Todd Hobin
Director Daniel Bostick
Produced By Bruce Coville
Daniel Bostick
Music Todd Hobin


“Koja accomplishes quite a feat… A compelling introduction to Buddhism and a credible portrait of how true friendship brings out the best in people.” — Publishers Weekly    [udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-star” color=”#dd9933″ size=”1em”] Starred Review

“After the story, Full Cast Audio includes a “special feature;” a note from the author, Kathe Koja. It’s a great added piece that gives further insight into this delightful audiobook.” — The Boox Review

“Spencer Murphy does a fine job conveying Justin’s fear of the unfamiliar, and Koja’s author note at the end will spark discussion of the writing process, as well as the problem of dealing with bullies.” — AudioFile, Dec 2004

“As with Kissing the Bee, the Full Cast Audio adaptation of Buddha Boy is skillfully acted and edited, bringing out nuances in the story with a cast of talented actors, including some very gifted young people in the principle roles. The story twists and turns, and never quite goes where you think it will — and like all of Koja’s YA novels, it contains an elegant and simple emotional truth at its core that will have you vowing to be a better person by the time it’s done.” — BoingBoing – Cory Doctorow, July 20, 2009

“Eighteen well-cast actors [are] led by Spencer Murphy, who aptly conveys Justin’s fears, ambivalence, and outrage … a surefire springboard for discussion about bullying, peer pressure, and tolerance.” — School Library Journal

Praise for the print version of Buddha Boy:

“Quickly paced, inviting, and eye-opening… a marvelous addition to YA literature.” — School Library Journal

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
  1. Buddha Boy - sample 1 1:27
  2. Buddha Boy - sample 2 1:09
  3. Buddha Boy - sample 3 1:38

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