Long Walk to Water, A

A Long Walk to Water

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by Linda Sue Park

In 1985 southern Sudan is ravaged by war. Rebels and government forces battle for control, with ordinary people…people like the boy, Salva Dut…caught in the middle. When Salva’s village is attacked, he must embark on a harrowing journey that will propel him through horror and heartbreak, across a harsh desert, and into a strange new life.Continue reading

sun moon stars rain

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by Jan Cheripko

Heartbroken over a failed romance, talented pianist Danny Murtaugh drops out of music school and returns to his rural hometown, where he discovers two new passions: one for the untouched woodlands of the reclusive Frederick P. Garrick, and one for Stephanie, the stunning new waitress at the town diner.

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King Kong

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by Joe Devito and Brad Strickland

Finalist 2007 Audie Award for Audio Drama

A hulking freighter waits at a darkened pier.

Aboard, filmmaker Carl Denham prepares for a strange voyage to a distant island… an island where he hopes to make the most exciting movie of all time.Continue reading

Great Christmas
  Kidnapping Caper, The

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by Jean Van Leeuwen

When Merciless Marvin the Magnificent finds his way into Macy’s department store, he thinks he’s discovered the best deal a mouse could wish for. Soon Marvin and his pals Raymond the Rat and Fats the Fuse are cozily settled into a dollhouse in the toy department; before long they’ve even made friends with the store’s beloved Santa.

Then, to their dismay, Santa goes missing.

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Dog on His Own, A

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by M.J. Auch

“I’m a free and independent dog!” That’s how K-10 likes to think of himself. But life on the road can get lonely, and as K-10’s travels bring him into contact with a range of dogs, he begins to wonder if being a wanderer really is the best life for a dog. Filled with great canine characters, this novel is both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply touching.

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