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WILD LIFE by Cynthia DeFelice
When Erik Carlson’s parents are both deployed overseas, Erik is sent to North Dakota to live with his grandparents. Things quickly go bad, and when he is faced with losing a dog he has come to love, Erik takes to the wild in this great wilderness survival story
Narrated by the Cynthia DeFelice and the Full Cast Family
FORT by Cynthia DeFelice

Augie and Wyatt are having one of the best summers ever. They’ve built a fort in the woods and are fishing, hunting, and camping out. But when two older boys mess with not only the fort but with another boy who can’t fight back, our heroes have to take action.

A note from Bruce: I am in a writing group with Cynthia DeFelice, and when she was reading this to us we often howled with laughter. It’s a wonderfully fun and funny book!