My Teacher Flunked the Planet

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by Bruce Coville

The thrilling climax of the international bestselling MY TEACHER series finds Peter Thompson, Susan Simmons, and Duncan Dougal reunited as they face the challenge of a lifetime: How to convince the Galactic Council not to destroy our planet. The kids have one month to save the world. As an introduction to their task, their alien guardians, Broxholm and Kreeblim, lead them on a tour of Earth like no other – a no-holds-barred look at both our glories and our horrors.

Bruce Coville’s gift for swinging from hilarity to heartbreak to joy is on full display in this grand finale to a series that has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. Reuby Wood, Emmy-nominated star of Disney’s recent hit musical “Better Nate Than Ever” leads a full cast of FCA favorites in this extraordinary listening experience.

Author Bruce Coville
Narrator Rueby Wood
Length 3 hrs 15 minutes
© Copyright 1992 Bruce Coville
℗ Audio Copyright 2023 Full Cast Audio


Meet the Cast
Peter Thompson/Narrator Rueby Wood
Susan Simmons Haley Grogan
Duncan Dougal Brandon Dale Hunt
Kreeblim Carmen Vivano Crafts
Broxholm Daniel Bostick
Hoo-Lan/Shadow Alien/Red Seaweed Alien Michael Larkin
Big Julie Garret Robinson
Croc Doc Derek Powell
Crystal Captain Katherine Clare Bell
Gurk David Dean
Fleef Karis Wiggins
Purple Alien with Tenticles Cynthia Bishop
Sea Green Alien Mark Bloss
Ms. Schwartz Katherine Gibson
URAT Todd Hobin
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