Football Champ
  Football Genius: Book 3

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by Tim Green

Football genius Troy White is back in a new adventure that mixes NFL thrills with high-stakes junior high games made just as exciting by the storytelling power of best-selling author Tim Green.

Troy and his pals Tate and Nathan are leading their team toward a possible state championship. At the same time Troy’s gift for predicting an opposing team’s plays is helping Seth Halloway lead the Falcons on a march toward glory. Then everything is endangered by a sleazy reporter with a grudge against Seth who will do anything to get a story.

Now it’s up to Troy and his friends to make things right. To do so will mean facing great danger and – even harder – making tough choices. Being a champ takes head and heart, Seth teaches Troy. Will Troy have enough of both to solve the mess he’s in the middle of?

Author Tim Green
Also in this series:
Narrator Tim Green Football Genius
Length 5 hrs and 22 mins Football Hero
Series Football Genius, Book 3 The Big Time
© Copyright 2009 Tim Green
℗ Audio Copyright 2010 Full Cast Audio
Meet the Cast:
Tim Green Narrator
Troy Green Troy White
Michael Larkin Seth Halloway
Tate Green Tate McGreer
Moe Harrington Troy’s Mom, Tessa
Ryan Sparkes Nathan
Collin Purcell Jamie Renfro
John Brackett Coach Renfro
Andrea Leonard Mrs. McGreer
Nick Ziobro Rusty Howell
Jim Uva Mr. Howell
Michael O’Neill Jerry Flee
Cy Creamer Officer Cussing
Banna Rubinow Ms. Finkle and Suzie
Karis Wiggin the School Nurse
Troy Streeter Jamie Renfro’s Cousin
David Baker Mr. Langan
Tim Fox Jim Mora
Wayne Johnson John Abraham
Tim Davis-Reed Roger Goodell
David Witanowski Brent Peele
Terence LaCasse Kenny Albert
Collin Babcock the Network Announcer
Rhonda Diescher the CNN Stage Manager
Daniel Bostick Larry King
Mark Chiappone Dr. Gumble
Sue Streeter the woman on crutches
Jim Uva Doug Nash
Mark Eischen Mr. White
Additional Voices Joshua Bostick
Nathan Bostick
Malin Hardy


Praise for the print version of Football Champ:
“the characters are engaging and the game action is exciting.” — School Library Journal

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