Into the Land of the Unicorns
  Unicorn Chronicles: Book 1

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by Bruce Coville

On a snowy night Cara and her grandmother are pursued into St. Christopher’s church by an unknown man. Clutching her grandmother’s mysterious amulet, and following the old woman’s instructions, Cara escapes their pursuer and falls into Luster, the world of the unicorns.

Attacked by a monstrous little creature called a “delver”, Cara is rescued by a shambling, manlike beast called “the Dimblethum.”

Soon Cara has also met a rebellious young unicorn named Lightfoot, and a ridiculous little creature known as “the Squijum.” With their help, Cara embarks on a journey across Luster to deliver a message from her grandmother to the queen of the unicorns. But to survive the trip, Cara must come face to face with her greatest hope, and her greatest fear.

Author Bruce Coville
Also in this series:
Narrator Bruce Coville Song of the Wanderer
Length 4 hrs Dark Whispers
Series The Unicorn Chronicles The Last Hunt
© Copyright 1994 Bruce Coville
℗ Audio Copyright 2009 Full Cast Audio


“A solid choice for public and school libraries where fantasy series are popular.”
School Library Journal September 1, 2009

“Introduced and punctuated by a haunting, lyrical refrain, this first volume in the Unicorn Chronicles is a great choice for a full-cast production. . . . Engagingly portrayed by young actress Alex Dolbear, Cara faces many dangers. The cliff-hanger chapter endings keep listeners tuned in, and Coville’s reading pace heightens the suspense. . . . This lively audio enhances the print version. Give this to fantasy fans and reluctant listeners. ”
Booklist July 1, 2009

 Listen to samples from this audiobook:
  1. Chapter 1, Part 1 (3:01) Bruce Coville 3:01
  2. Chapter 1, Part 3 (2:56) Bruce Coville 2:56

Meet the Cast:
David Baker Grimwold
Karel Blakeley Thomas the Tinker
Daniel Bostick Nedzik
Ian Hunter
Ryan Canning Lightfoot
Alex Dolbear Cara
Shirley Fenner Grandmother Morris
Tim Fox Moonheart
Kate Huddleston Firethroat
Michael Larkin Dimblethum
Mimi Mead Queen
Lauren Synger Squijm
Directed by: Daniel Bostick
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