My Teacher is an Alien

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by Bruce Coville

The story begins when Susan Simmons returns to school from spring vacation. Susan has been looking forward to the big class play her teacher has been planning. But to her dismay, Ms. Schwartz is gone…replaced by tall, handsome Mr. Smith, a strictly “by the book” teacher with some very strange habits. Investigating her new teacher, Susan makes a shocking discovery: “Mr. Smith” is actually an alien named Broxholm who is planning to abduct five students.

Susan has to stop him! But who will believe her story? Her only chance is Peter Thompson, the class’ biggest geek. Can two kids possibly unmask a powerful alien? And what will happen if they succeed?

Author Bruce Coville
Narrator Nancy O’Connor
Length 2 hrs and 34 mins
© Copyright 1989 Bruce Coville
℗ Audio Copyright 2015 Full Cast Audio


“Author Coville and his producer, Full Cast Audio, bring all the pleasures of a full-cast performance to this new recording of his amusing 1989 novel. . . .The animated performances are sure to please a new generation of listeners.” — Booklist, Feb 2016

“Author Bruce Coville is among the wonderful performers in this full-cast production. Sixth-grader Susan is shocked when she realizes that her beloved teacher has been abducted by an alien who is now posing as her class’s substitute teacher. Narrator Nancy O’Connor brings youthful energy to Susan, a smart girl who prefers fading into the background to battling aliens. . . . With humor and suspense in equal measure, this is an enjoyable family listen.” — AudioFile, June 2016

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