Stop the Train!

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by Geraldine McCaughrean

From the author of The Kite Rider comes another great historical novel, this time set in the American west, where the residents of a new settlement struggle against nature and the railroad to keep their town alive. Pulse-pounding adventure, moments of gut-bustin’ humor, and a deeply moving sense of community, make Stop the Train! a must-listen.

Author Geraldine McCaughrean
Narrator Ellen Myrick
Length 8 hrs and 11 mins
© Copyright 2001 Geraldine McCaughrean
℗ Audio Copyright 2005 Full Cast Audio

Meet the Cast:

Ellen Myrick Narrator
Grace Kelly Cissy Sissney Bill Molesky Hulbert Sissney Kate Huddleston Hildy Sissney Adam Graydon Brown Nate Rimm Ryan Sparkes Kookie Warboys Albert Marshall Monday Morning Karel Blakeley Herman the Mormon Mike Stevens Frank Tate Bill Knowlton Virgil Hobbs Daniel Bostick Emile Klemme Michael O’Neill Pickard Warboys J P Crangle Jake Monterey Bruce Coville Samuel T. Guthrie Leonard Fonte Lloyd Lentz Moe Harrington Blosk Warboys Patti Thompson Lotte Lagerlof Peter Moller Jim Fudd Phil Markert Sven Lagerlof Phil Eisenman Charlie Quex Mark Holt Gaff Bowden
Holly Adams Miss Loucien Shades David Baker Everett Crews Richard McKee Cyril Crews Janine Bostick Mrs. Klemme Jon English Neville T. Crupper Joey Panek Minister Mimi Mead Mis May March Ted Davenport Marshall Haggar Frank Fiumano School Inspector
Alan Milair Clifford T. Rimm Bill Meidenbauer Peter Bull Daniel Stevens Bob Eagle (RRR Engineer) Tim Fox Train Attendant John Seavers Editor of the “Glasstown Daybreak”
Dan Poorman Nahum Warboys Grace Gates Honey Karam Anthony Ezra Warboys Liam Bartlett Fred Stamp Liam Fitzpatrick Amos Warboys Marissa McLean Tibbie Bowden Michael Macri Ollie West Nathan Bostick Barney McKinley Seth Jackson Fuller Monterey Sofia Coon NaMarleen Bellrator Kevin Fitzpatrick Peatie Monterey Tessa Streeter Sarah Waters Emily Meidenbauer Emile Klemme’s daughter Gerard Moses Vokayatunga Vershaun Terry Negro Guard
Victoria King Homely Woman Brett Hobin Citizen of Florence Sue Streeter Citizen of Florence David Kelly Child of Florence Joshua Bostick RRR Passenger Janice Wyatt RRR Passenger Corey Hobin RRR Passenger


“Ellen Myrick’s narration is spot-on in this rollicking story of pioneer times. The Full Cast Family delivers all the emotions of families struggling to build a new life in a new land. They arrive in Florence to stake claims at the start of the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush, discovering that it is up to them to create the community that currently is just a dream in the dust. Hardships arise when the train bypasses Florence because the settlers won’t sell their claims to the railroad. Hilarity ensues as various plans are hatched to force the train to stop. Hope wins out when success comes in a satisfying ending in which all sides win.” — AudioFile, 2006 

“Students will gain new understanding of the hardships of westward expansion and the control exercised by the railroads over the lives of the settlers in this engaging novel of the Oklahoma land rush. A full cast of excellent narrators, including children, and an original musical score transport listeners to the old West. ” — Teacher Librarian, Feb. 2008

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