Ghost in the Third Row

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by Bruce Coville

When Nina (“Nine”) Tanleven earns a spot in a new musical to be mounted in the beautiful-but-spooky Grand Theater, she expects that she will be in for a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. What she does not expect is that she will find a best friend, the cheerful and funny Chris Gurley. Even more unexpected is the beautiful ghost that appears to both of them.
Though “The Woman in White” seems friendly, soon mysterious and frightening events begin to pile up. Before long, most of the cast is convinced that the ghost is trying to sabotage the show.

Nine and Chris don’t believe it, and move into full detective mode to try to solve the mystery. In doing so, they find themselves in greater danger than they could have imagined.

Newcomer Sophia Greene sparkles as Nine, and she is delightfully supported by a crew of Full Cast regulars who bring this much-loved ghost story to vivid new life.

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