The Thief of Worlds

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by Bruce Coville

The wind has stopped, just stopped, all across the world. As panic begins to build one boy, storm-born Hurricane Smith, is especially affected. After all, the wind has always been his friend, always had his back. Hurricane’s despair only increases when his mother’s breathing problem lands her in the hospital. That night, alone in their apartment, a strange man appears to him, with an even stranger message: “I am Zephron Windlord, and I need your help to rescue the wind.”

With that, Hurricane is off on an adventure that will take him to four worlds, introduce him to people stranger than he had ever imagined, and finally lead him to the most unexpected world of all, where he will be faced with a life changing decision. OneVoice is delighted to introduce Marcus Montgomery, a sensational new voice talent, in his debut recording of this astounding adventure

Author Bruce Coville
Narrator Marcus Montgomery
Length 7 hrs and 10 mins
© Copyright 2020 Bruce Coville
℗ Audio Copyright 2022 Full Cast Audio


“Montgomery provides what feels like a full-cast performance for this production, giving each of the vast cast of characters a distinct voice. Music and voicing effects pepper this production as well, adding to the listening experience. Recommend to young readers who love fantasy and will appreciate a story laced with lessons about compassion and patience.” – Booklist


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