Year We Disappeared, The

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by Cylin Busby & John Busby

A peaceful summer night is shattered by gunfire as an unseen assailant tries to murder police officer John Busby. Though horribly wounded, Busby survives. But the perpetrator remains at large, meaning neither Busby, nor his wife, nor their three children are safe.

In separate chapters John and his daughter, Cylin, who was nine at the time, recount the story of that year. John writes graphically, and movingly, of his wounds, his pain, his multiple surgeries, and his rage. Cylin tells their story from a child’s point of view, sharing vivid memories of confusion, loss of friends, and the struggle to build a new life.

Together, father and daughter craft an unforgettable picture of fear, of police corruption, and of a malignant thug who no one dares to cross. Yet their story is also one of redemption and recovery, and ultimately of hope and healing.

Author Cylin Busby, John Busby
Narrator Cylin Busby, David Baker
Length 8 hrs and 35 mins
© Copyright 2008 Busby Ross, Inc
℗ Audio Copyright 2012 Full Cast Audio


Praise for the print version of The Year We Disappeared:

“Cylin speaks with a voice of innocence shattered as she struggles to comprehend what happened to her family and why her friends have abandoned her. When the town balked at the continuing expense of providing personal protection and the constant fear brought the family to the breaking point, the Busbys went into hiding, seeking a return to some semblance of normalcy. The page-turner pace is frequently interrupted by awkwardly placed flashbacks to moments in John’s police work, but, ultimately, this is a story of survival and triumph.” — School Library Journal

“In alternating chapters, John and Cylin Busby tell the story of John’s ordeal and the devastating impact on his family. John’s laconic, just-the-facts-ma’am style underscores the horror he was enduring, while Cylin’s perspective drives home the fear and emotional misery the family suffered. The appalling physical injuries may deter the squeamish, but this riveting story will stay with readers, particularly its message that John’s anger and desire for revenge were the hardest wounds to heal.” — Booklist

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