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by Charles Benoit

Charles Benoit has created a stunner of a debut novel, one of the most anticipated titles of the fall season. Told entirely in the second person, the story quickly immerses us in the world of bright, disaffected Kyle Chase, who once showed great potential but by tenth grade has become a genuine slacker. With uncanny insight, crafting what can only be called YA Noir, Benoit takes us deep inside the mind of a young man on a collision course with catastrophe.

Of the print version, Publisher’s Weekly said in a starred review: “Disturbing content blends with skillful, fast-paced writing, adding a thriller spin to the novel’s vicious realism.” Now David Baker – narrator of our highly acclaimed recording of Graceling – offers a reading that captures and builds the sense of loss and dread that makes this novel both disturbing and irresistible.

Author Charles Benoit
Narrator David Baker
Length 4 hrs
© Copyright 2010 Charles Benoit
℗ Audio Copyright 2010 Full Cast Audio


Praise for the print version of You:

“Wanna know who the real bad guys in your school are? Read You. This book will keep you reading, and then it will start you thinking. And talking. You is good stuff. —Chris Crutcher, Margaret A. Edwards Award–winning author of Deadline”
— Chris Crutcher

“A sandstorm of a novel, as harshly real as hell or high school. I loved it. — Robert Lipsyte, Margaret A. Edwards Award–winning author of The Contender and Center Field”
Robert Lipsyte

“Benoit creates a fully realized world where choices have impact and the consequences of both action and inaction can be severe.”
School Library Journal

“Zack is a theatrical, Iago-like villain, and he makes a great foil to Kyle’s antihero in their twisted relationship. This is a brutal, fast, and satisfying read.”

“A sense of doom pervades this gripping YA debut from adult mystery writer Benoit, made all the more devastating by an empathetic main character. Second-person omniscient narration invites readers into Kyle’s grim story: “Welcome to the official start of tenth grade. Welcome to the last year of your life.” . . . Kyle’s internal thought processes (frequent lists, parental nagging, one-sided conversations) convey a conflicting swirl of emotions–rage, distrust, betrayal, empathy, and love–while an overarching defeatism prevents him from acting on constructive impulses. Disturbing content blends with skillful, fast-paced writing, adding a thriller spin to the novel’s vicious realism.”
Publisher’s Weekly September 6, 2010  Starred Review

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
  1. YOU 1:04

Meet the Cast:
David Baker Narrator
Directed by: Todd Hobin
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